Flip Flop: Plummer leaves, Woody stays

Former Patriots center Damien Woody was scheduled to catch a flight to Miami this afternoon and visit the Dolphins, but did not, as Detroit escalated their efforts to sign the top interior lineman on the market.

(ALLEN PARK) - If the Lions can't get Ahmed Plummer, they'll have a chance to still fill the hole at right corner tonight when they entertain Fernando Bryant who arrived in Allen Park earlier today.

Things swung big time today, when earlier, it appeared that Plummer was close to a deal with Detroit. However, after the signing of Shawn Springs with Washington and reports of a deal between Antoine Winfield and the New York Jets, Plummer's value appeared to increase.

He will take a visit next to the Cincinnati Bengals and will honor a promise to visit his old defensive coordinator Jim Mora, Jr., the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons.

So Detroit turned up the heat on Woody. Woody was scheduled to catch a flight to Miami this afternoon, but did not as Detroit escalated their offer. Miami and Detroit have played an increasingly high stakes game of 'can you top this' in their attempts to sign the outstanding young guard formerly with the Patriots.

Detroit out dueled Miami to get the first visit, but Miami attempted to scuttle talks between Detroit and Woody by faxing offers to his agent, Ben Dogra. Detroit upped the ante in an attempt to get a signature.

As of 5:45pm EST, Dogra was on a conference call trying to determine if Miami could really match or exceed Detroit's latest offer. It is within the realm of possibility that Detroit could get a deal with Woody tonight.

Meanwhile, the Lions entertained Seattle wide receiver Darrell Jackson who arrived late last night. His deep speed intrigues the Lions, but his ability to hang on to the football worries others.

Detroit also had a visit today with Fernando Bryant. If Detroit is convinced that they are going to lose Plummer, they could turn to Bryant.

Bryant 5-10, 27 years old, recorded 70 tackles with an interception and would be an upgrade over aging corner Doug Evans and Otis Smith.

It appears though; Detroit is putting all their efforts into signing Damien Woody at this point.

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