Jackson leaves after asking for $10 million bonus

While the Detroit Lions are on the verge of signing guard Damien Woody to a huge five-year $25 million deal, Seattle wide receiver Darrell Jackson left without a deal. Detroit would like him to lower his contract demands.

(ALLEN PARK)- While the Detroit Lions are on the verge of signing guard Damien Woody to a huge five-year $25 million deal, it doesn't look like Seattle wide receiver Darrell Jackson is in their plans unless he lowers his contract demands.

The Lions entertained Jackson, who arrived on an afternoon flight from the Pacific Northwest yesterday. He toured Ford Field downtown, visited the Lions state-of-the-art facility in Allen Park and was taken on a tour of the Detroit area suburbs.

All was fine until the teams sat down at the negotiating table and Jackson put up a demand for a contract with a $10 million signing bonus.

While Jackson's combination of youth and stats are among the best in the NFL, he has a history of dropping the football, something the Lions saw way too many times during the tenure of Bill Schroeder in Detroit.

While the Lions, and Jackson, were interested in each other, it was pretty clear Detroit was that interested and will pass on the talented wide out who has amassed over 4,000 yards receiving the past four years unless he lowers his demands.

Detroit is expected, after wrapping up the negotiations with center Damien Woody and corner Fernando Bryant, to host San Francisco 49er wide receiver Tai Streets, who is a perfect fit for Steve Mariucci's version of the West Coast offense.

On the cornerback front, Detroit is expecting to hear back from Ahmed Plummer after he visits Atlanta, Cincinnati and perhaps the New York Jets, who were unable to finalize a deal with corner Antoine Winfield.

Detroit hosted corner Fernando Bryant yesterday, he is expected to visit Miami today. They also would like to talk to Winfield, the smallest of the three corners. They would prefer the taller Plummer or the 5-10 Bryant but Winfield is a solid, tough talented corner who has been very productive his five years in the NFL.

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