Power Rankings: Week 9

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Adrian Donofrio -

(1)1.Raiders(6-1) Playing good football, no matter how they do it,
they win.

(2)2.Rams(6-1) A bye week should prepare this team for a TOUGH game against the.....oh wait, its just the Panthers. No practice this week.

(3)3.Bears(6-1) Yes, now that you mention it, hell HAS frozen over.

(6)4.49ers(5-2) Is Terrell Owens being exiled by teammates?

(5)5.Packers(5-2) Someone other than Brett helps get a win.

(4)6.Steelers(5-2) Wide right....hey, maybe Jerome can kick field goals, too!

(11)7.Ravens(5-2) Might not be missing Grbac as much as they thought.

(7)8.Browns(4-3) Loss against the Bears really not their fault.

(8)9.Chargers(5-3) Brees has first game and shines almost as much as the stars Doug Flutie saw after getting smashed.

(13)10.Dolphins(5-2) Gadsden looked sharp sunday, as usual.

(22)11.Jets(5-3) Very misleading record, but does it matter?

(14)12.Giants(4-4) Robbed the Cowboys in a fun game.

(20)13.Colts(4-3) They're starting to right the ship.

(10)14.Eagles(4-3) Need to follow the Colts.

(9)15.Saints(4-3) Turley did the right thing and protected his QB till the end, but did he go too far?

(16)16.Patriots(4-4) Could Brady be a future Texan?

(15)17.Broncos(4-4) Brian can sure a great the defender.

(12)18.Seahawks(3-4) Jury still out on Hasslebeck, but the jury is very impatient.

(18)19.Bengals(4-3) Bye week should have this fiesty team rarin' to go.

(19)20.Vikings(3-4) Hey! No arguments on the sidelines! Oh wait, its a bye.

(17)21.Buccaneers(3-4) Dismantling might begin at the big mouth himself. Yeah, you know who.

(21)22.Falcons(3-4) Fans may get their wish: Chandler is hurt again.

(28)23.Redskins(3-5) Just when Marty's pinkslip was done printing, comes a winning streak.

(24)24.Titans(3-4) Eddie George is on red alert.

(23)25.Cowboys(2-5) Ryan Leaf gets another chance Sunday, should be interesting.

(25)26.Jaguars(2-5) "Yeah coach, you did a good job last year, but...."

(29)27.Chiefs(2-6) When in doubt, look to a Priest.

(26)28.Cardinals(2-5) Raise your hand if you care what I write about the Cards. Yeah, thought so.

(27)29.Bills(1-6) Buffalo just can't live without Quarterback controversy.

(30)30.Lions(0-7) James Stewart certainly won't have the prettiest year as far as stats go. How about Shaun Rogers? TWO blocked FG's!

(31)31.Panthers(1-7) NOW they decide to look like an expansion team.

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