Draft Watch: William Green Going Pro.

PONTIAC-- William Green who is leading the nation in rushing has decided to leave Boston College after this season and enter the NFL draft, the Boston Globe reported on Saturday.

Green has rushed for 1,164 yards and 12 touchdowns for the Eagles, who are 6-2 this season. Green has had a stormy relationship with Eagles head coach Tom O'Brien. O'Brien suspended Green for leaving campus without permission -- one official told the Globe that Green had driven to his hometown of Atlantic City without informing any of his coaches.

Green is 6-1 217, and is very fast and many people think that he could be the first running back pick in next years draft. Lion's head officials are looking for speed and play making ability and Green fits both of those perfectly. GM Matt Millen has said public that he thinks that you need two top-notch running backs to win in the NFL, so Green is a man to keep your eye on.

Another Michigan wide receiver to Detroit?

There is a very good chance that if Michigan wide receiver Marquise Walker, is still around in the second round that the Lions will draft him. Marquise Walker has improved his draft day status and depending on which junior wide receivers come out will be a late first round pick to an early second round pick. The Lions are hoping that he is still there when they pick in the second round because they like his ability a lot.

Marquise Walker has exceptional size at 6-3, 215 pounds but was always considered a complementary possession prospect for the NFL. But now with Walker's big plays in the vertical game, his acrobatic catches in the end zone, and good individual statistics have shown to many people that he could be a No. 1 receiver in the NFL, and the Lions think so to.

Receivers Strong Draft

Last year draft we saw many first round draft choice that where wide receivers, but this year it could be even stronger with seniors Virginia Tech's Andre Davis, Florida State's Javon Walker, Michigan's Marquise Walker, Georgia Tech's Kelly Campbell, Utah's Cliff Russell, Minnesota's Ron Johnson, and Iowa's Kahlil Hill. But it is hard to ignore the juniors that are get national attention in Wisconsin's Lee Evans, LSU's Josh Reed, Pittsburgh's Antonio Bryant, and Sophomore Jabar Gaffney of Florida.

Depending on what under classmen come out for the draft will depend where all these receivers are taken but the receiver position could be one of the strongest position in the draft.


If Detroit doesn't take a quarterback in the first round and Oregon's Joey Harrington is still around when the Lions draft in the second round look for the Oregon Duck to become a Lion. There is still an outside chance that Harrington could win the Heisman at the end of this season, and he has been putting up impressive numbers in the Pac-10 this year. He has improved over last year and some scouts look at him as possible a late first-round pick. But there is a chance he could slide to the second, and Detroit front office is very high on him as well as David Carr of Fresno State as senior quarterback prospects.

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