Lions QBs, Sign One, Lose One

Lions lose veteran QB Detmer to Falcons, meanwhile re-signing backup Mike McMahon. Much more inside, including more free-agency talks regarding the Lions.

(ALLEN PARK) - Twelve year veteran quarterback Ty Detmer signed a one-year $775,000 contract with the Atlanta Falcons leaving the Lions without an experienced veteran quarterback.

Detmer, who primarily served as a tutor for quarterbacks Joey Harrington and Mike McMahon will have a similar role with the Falcons.

"That's one of the things that we talked about," Detmer said. "I've been doing that pretty much the last few years with different quarterbacks."

Except this time, the tutor is star quarterback Michael Vick who has never worked in the West Coast offense that new offensive coordinator Greg Knapp will install this season.

Meanwhile McMahon is expected to sign a one-year contract with the Lions today for $1.3 million, the top tenure for a restricted free agent.

If another team signs McMahon to an offer sheet, Detroit can match the offer and keep McMahon or they can elect to receive first and third round draft picks instead.

Detroit continues to negotiate with linebacker Ian Gold, formerly of the Broncos. Gold, a Belleville, MI native is just 25 and before suffering a serious ACL injury, showed the size, speed and production of a pro bowl type player.

If Detroit is going to sign former Bills guard Ruben Brown, they are going to face serious competition from the Chicago Bears who are extremely interested in the eight-time pro bowl guard.

Philadelphia Eagles guard Bobbie Williams, a player Detroit was believed to be interested in, is negotiating with the Bills who are looking to replace Brown.

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