Midterm Grades for the Lions

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The Lions are 0-8, yes they have been close in last few games but they have still found a way to lose the game at the end. The team has been filled with injuries and players that have played below their standards that they are capable of playing at. The Lions have had a new offense and defense to learn, but that shouldn't have taken this long learn these schemes. They should have the ability to at least execute these schemes on a consistent basis. Here are the midterm grades.


Charlie Batch: He has played decent, with out any real threat around him. Grade: C +

Ty Detmer: 7 picks in one game, and a 4th round pick to get him, enough said. Grade: F

Mike McMahon: Looks like the Lions want him to start in 2002, and he has look decent in the games he been in. Grade: C -


James Stewart: He look good before he got hurt, but the Lions still need a big threat out of the back field. Grade: C +

Lamont Warren: Can catch the ball out of the backfield but that is about it. Grade: C-

Reuben Droughns: Got cut then was signed back, hasn't look good in the games he has played. Grade: D


Cory Schlesinger: Has caught a lot of passes in the West Coast offense, but he doesn't have the ability to do anything afterwards. Grade: C


Johnnie Morton: With injuries he has had to be the number one wide-out, he is not that type of a player. Grade: C +

Desmond Howard: Not much of a receiver, but a heck of a return guy. Grade: C

Larry Foster: He has been forced in the number two wide receiver role and hasn't produced like he should have, needs to step his play up. Grade: C-

Bert Emanuel: Not a great receiver, but the Lions need him to fill there receiver holes. Grade: C -

Germane Crowell: Played well at time this season, but never could do it play in and play out. Got hurt and know the question is will he be back next season. Grade: C -

Scotty Anderson: Look great in training camp, but will need a year to learn in the NFL, next year could be his break out season. Grade: D +

Herman Moore: Season was over before it started. Most likely is done with the team. Grade: D


David Sloan: Should make more plays in this offense. Grade: C -

Stephen Trejo: Lions want to see what they have in him. Grade: C -


LT Jeff Backus: First round pick has been Lions best offensive linemen all season. Grade: B

C Eric Beverly: Has had some mental breakdown, but which offensive linemen hasn't? But has played well the first half of the season. Grade: C +

C Dominic Raiola: When he has been in the game he has played very well. Will start some where on the offensive line next year. Grade: C +

RT Matt Joyce: Came in and has done a decent job in the starting line-up. Grade: C

RG Brenden Stai: If he can stay on-sides he does a decent job. Grade: C -

LG Tony Semple: Has start a few games this season and has done a decent job filling in. He will battle you all game long. Grade: C -

LG Stockar McDougle: Has been injured this almost this whole season. He wants to play tackle and since Aaron Gibson is gone will most likely play RT next season or maybe even some in the second half of this season. Grade: C -


DT Shaun Rogers: Second round pick is the best defensive player on the team this season. Grade: B +

DE Robert Porcher: Has a respectable season after a sub-par season last year. Grade: B -

DE James Hall: Has done some stand-up linebacker and some rush end, he could be a player if he get some more playing time. Grade: C +

DT Luther Elliss: He has look very average this season, hasn't done anything special this year. Grade: C

DT Kelvin Pritchett: Has played good enough in a back-up role. Grade: C

DE Jared DeVries: Hasn't played much this season, but has done a adequate job when he has been in there. Grade: C

DT Travis Kirschke: A role player, but nothing special. Grade C -

DE Tracy Scroggins: Has made no impact this season what so ever and the Lions shouldn't have re-signed him in the first place. Grade: D


OLB Barrett Green: Is starting to show why the Lions drafted him in the second round last year. Look like he will be the opening day starter next season. Grade: B -

MLB Chris Claiborne: Is playing better at the middle linebacker spot then when he was at outside linebacker, should stay there. Grade: C +

OLB Allen Aldridge: Is showing his age, and most likely won't be back next season. Has played sufficient. Grade: C

MLB Stephen Boyd: Even before his back injury, he didn't look like the Pro-Bowler he has been the past two season. He is going to see if he can come back, but it might be the end of his stay in Detroit. Grade: C -

OLB Scott Kowalkowski: He is a special-teams player, but there is nothing special about him. Grade: C -

MLB Clint Kriewaldt: See Kowalkowski. Grade: C -


CB Terry Fair: Has come up with some modest plays this season, is a quality corner back. Grade: B -

SS Ron Rice: Has played well in the past few games, if he can stay healthy he can be a player in the secondary in he has other people around him to help. Grade: C +

CB Todd Lyght: Has gotten beat and called for a few untimely penalties, but will fit in the nickel corner back spot when Westbrook get back full time. Grade: C

FS Kurt Schulz: Just coming back from preseason back surgery, but has played adequate in the few games he has been in. Grade: C

CB Bryant Westbrook: Has taken longer then many people thought it would to come back from his Achilles surgery. The next 8 games will be a big test if the Lions re-sign him or not next season. Grade: C -

CB Robert Bailey: Made a huge play in the 49er's game, but that has been about it. Grade: C - FS Lamar Campbell: Did his best playing out of position when Schultz was out. Grade: C -


PR/KR Desmond Howard: Great return guy, look like could be the Lions only Pro-Bowler this season. Grade: A-

P John Jett: Has done a solid job punting the ball this season. Grade: C +

K Jason Hanson: Great kicker inside the Silverdome or other domes, isn't great outside. Grade: C +


Marty Mornhinweg: He has made bad calls, one after another, from cutting DT James Jones to benching QB Charlie Batch. Some of his play calling also can be questioned. Grade: F

Vince Tobin: The defense was the strength of this team last year, Tobin changed the scheme the team played from last season when it was in the top half of causing turnover. Not a good move. There is a chance he will be gone after this season. Grade: F

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