Power Rankings: Week 10

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Adrian Donofrio -

1. Rams(7-1) Back to the comfy part of the couch, in the number 1

2. Raiders(6-2) Tough loss aganst rival Seahawks puts them back to 2.

3. 49ers(6-2) Should improve in the win column against the Panthers.

4. Packers(6-2) Favre refuses to slow down.

5. Steelers(6-2) Bettis keeps doing his job well, they keep winning.

6. Dolphins(6-2) Could be a new QB next year.

7. Ravens(6-3) Nice win in an excellent game to watch.

8. Bears(6-2) Miracle came to an end last sunday.

9. Jets(6-3) Need to decide if they're hot or cold. Santana Moss is
probable for the next game.

10. Eagles(5-3) Should take a step forward the next few weeks.

11. Broncos(5-4) Griese does not look like himself out there...

12. Patriots(5-4) The director may yell "Cut" on the story of a man
named Brady soon.

13. Giants(5-4) A terribly inconsistent team.

14. Browns(5-4) A few more offensie weapons and you've got a team.

15. Saints(4-4) See 13.

16. Colts(4-4) Its confirmed: Edge out for the year.

17. Seahawks(4-4) Held on to win it against the Raiders.

18. Bucs(4-4) Still not on the right track.

19. Chargers(5-4) Ever since getting is bell rung, Flutie isn't quite

20. Titans(3-5) Some reports are saying the Sneak wasn't the final
call that ended it all. Hmmm.....

21. Vikings(3-5) Should be interesting to see how the team comes out
of the bye.

22. Jaguars(3-5) Not how everyone pictured the Jags "last run."

23. Bengals(4-4) Where is Warrick?

24. Falcons(4-4) Playing the always fun "Spoiler team" role.

25. Redskins(3-5) On a 3 game winning streak, could take over

26. Cowboys(2-6) Leaf gets a third second-chance.

27. Chiefs(2-7) Nobody can quite pinpoint whats wrong with this team.

28. Cardinals(2-6) For the ONE fan out there, the season is over,

29. Bills(1-7) QB Controversy: Johnson vs.... Van Pelt???

30. Lions(0-8) Picture this: Desmond Howard being tackled by the
punters feet before the endzone. That kind of sums up the entire team
and its season.

31. Panthers(1-8) Mushin Muhammed: Decoy.

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