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Paul Wezner - Contributing Editor
The Lions haven't won a game, and we're half way through the season. So, the question comes once again, will they finally pull of that victory? Yes. Why you ask? Simple, the law of averages. Unless the new M&M's brought an extremely bad curse with them, the Lions are bound to win a game eventually. And this weekend is the perfect time, considering it's against an almost equally pathetic Arizona Cardinals squad. Even without a legitimate running game, the Lions offense should move the ball and score points.


Adrian Donofrio - Staff Writer
Well, the usual suspects are out of it for the Leos. Stockar McDougle is out with a...a foot sprain? What the? "Coach, my foot got sprained on the stair machine, I'll be out for 4 games." Whatever. JamesStewart is doubtful, too. High ankle sprain. A little better, but still... stupid. Can't be a scapegoat if you're not on the field right? If the Lions lose, I'm no longer liable for throwing myself in the way of a moving car, or out a window because this is just ridiculous.


Nate Caminata - Publisher
Doesn't this stink? Half-way through the middle of the season, and the Detroit Lions have more legal disputes with the Pontiac Silverdome than victories. On the heels of brand-new management, coaching, and a few new faces in the locker room (most of which have been released), you couldn't have predicted the 0-8 start even if the pundits (yeah, right) at ESPN called it. Ugh. Past pathetic Lions' teams would at least give us the taste of a few victories by mid-season, even with the playoff picture a distant shot, but this team still keeps us on the edge of our seats, only to shove us off at the climax. To quote a Free Press columnist, this season is like watching a car accident in slow motion.


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