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Paul Wezner - Contributing Editor
The Lions offense played extremely well last weekend, against an extremely bad Arizona Cardinals' defense.  The Lions offense will still be able to move the ball, but not like they did against the Cardinals.  Furthermore, the Lions defense has to be able to stop someone, and watching the Lions try to stop the Packers will be like watching a person try to stop an avalanche with his hand.  This one will be ugly, and will make for a lot of unhappy Thanksgiving dinners

DETROIT 23 | GREEN BAY 169 (That isn't a typo ... I don't think. Ed)

Adrian Donofrio - Staff Writer
Man, this is getting old. We're so close, but can I really predict a win, especially against the Packers? Bert Emmanuel will not play, possibly for the rest of the year. James Stewart is optimistic about playing, and our D got a wake up call after last Sunday's debacle. I've got a feeling though. A weird one. Before you ask, I don't have my marbles, Nate stole them all, but I think we might finally get one.

Packers: 31 Lions: 38

Nate Caminata - Publisher
Why would I steal Adrian's marbles when I have a difficult time finding my own? Detroit is 0-9, but I have a new sense of optimism with this team (don't ask me why ... but keep in mind the hunt for the marbles has been unfruitful). Despite the fact that almost each and every playmaker, with the exception of Charlie Batch, is at least dinged up, the Lions will pull this thing out. It is THANKSGIVING, WE ... AS LIONS FANS ... DESERVE A WIN. NOT JUST A WIN, BUT A WIN IN FRONT OF A NATIONAL TELEVISION AUDIENCE!!! MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, IF WE ALL CONCENTRATE ON DETROIT WINNING, WE CAN 'REMOTE VIEW' THEM TO A WIN!!! AND IF THEY WIN SIX STRAIGHT AFTER THANKSGIVING, THEY ARE STILL MATHEMATICALLY ALIVE FOR THE PLAYOFFS!!!!!! WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Alright, I'm done.


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