Scouting Report: Stephen Alexander scout Josh Turel breaks down new tight end Stephen Alexander after watching film of Joey Harrington's new target.

SCOUTING REPORT: Alexander excels at the receiving part of his game, watching him on film it's very obvious he is an elite route runner, displaying sharp, crisp cuts, body control and agility. Another thing Alexander displays is a keen knowledge and feel for the game, he is very good at reading the field and getting open in zone coverage. His hands are as solid as they come, he catches the ball away from his body, tucks it quickly and turns up field on a consistent basis. Stephen is a top ten tight end receiving threat when healthy, but thats been rare as of late and Alexander is very injury prone. Although Alexander is a terrific athlete and receiver, hes a major liability as a blocker. He doesnt have the ideal strength or technique to move bodies in the running game and he contributes very little as a blocker. If he's healthy, Alexander can be very productive, as shown by his Pro Bowl year, but the Lions must understand he is somewhat of a gamble considering his past durability problems.

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