Column: Youth Movement in Detroit

Although the Detroit Lions horrid 0-10 start hasn't been fruitful, they have at least established a future, according to columnist Adrian Donofrio. Due to various injuries across the roster, several younger members of the 'Leos' are stepping up, and building the foundation of a talented squad.

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Adrian Donofrio -

When you're 0-10, it's hard to find good things through all of the bad.

But when you're the 0-10 Lions, who have lost the past 7 games by 8 points or less, its actually pretty easy, if you've been keeping up with them. And while the good may not take any of the 0-10 sting away, it will at least silence those people on the street who ridicule you for wearing a Leos' hat.

In fact, the Silverdome may be to blame for both the good AND the bad. It's hurt so many of the Detroit Lions, you'd think we have a whole other team on the IR. But, that MAY not be a bad thing.

The first victims of the "green monster" of turf, was the reciever corps. Herman Moore was looking to return to form before ending the season with a hip injury. Same with Crowell, missing the rest of this year's campaign (and his contract year) on the IR with a knee injury.

However, it did lead to the signing of Bert Emanuel, who was also looking to jump-start a forgotten career, until yes, he too, got brutalized by the green monster. He looked good, perhaps good enough to get re-signed in the off-season.

The injuries, however, have also lead to a youth movement in the position.

Scotty Anderson and Larry Foster have looked impressive. Anderson even caught a pretty big TD on Thanksgiving, and made a veteran move cutting towards the endzone when he saw QB Mike McMahon running for his young life away from the pass rush. That wasn't his route, but he knew what to do, because he and Mike practiced it like that together.

Yes, kids, practice DOES pay off.

Reciever isn't the only position to be remodeled. The linebacker spot has too. Chris Claiborne has been playing middle linebacker since pro-bowler Stephen Boyd has been put on the IR, and Claiborne has performed adequately, already surpassing his career high in sacks.

When James Stewart went down with a bad ankle, young Rueben Droughns came in his place. And although he didn't do as well as people hoped, it still helps the team, especially the coaching staff, make decisions for the future, which is all we want. A future.

Something the Lions, thankfully, seem to have in place.

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