More Details on Roy Williams Deal

(ALLEN PARK) - Roy Williams signed a five-year contract with the Detroit Lions which includes something relatively new, a three-tiered signing bonus that should net the 7th overall pick $14 million over the life of the deal.

Detroit completed three sessions of camp over the weekend prior to coach Steve Mariucci calling off the afternoon session to "freshen" the team and get some classroom work done.

Lions C.O.O. Tom Lewand said that negotiations with receiver Roy William were, well, unusual. Lewand did not receive a proposal from Williams' agent, Ben Dogra, until after the start of camp. Once they received the proposal, the team was able to get a deal done quickly.

"It was just a matter of sitting down and working through the issues," said Lewand. [But] "As strange and unusual as it is not to get a proposal before the reporting deadline, I have to give Ben all the credit in the world because once he got started working on it, he got it done."

Now, Williams must make up for lost time, three days worth to be exact, and Mariucci has a plan for that.

"We have everything on videotape," Mariucci said. "Every word I say to the team is on videotape. He's going to stay up at night and listen to me. That's going to be a nightmare. We have ways to let him catch up."

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