Fans Voice: Lions 27 -- Steelers 21

Lions' fans sound off on the 27-21 pre-season win over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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Well if Joeys' drive is any indication is the limit for them this year. That was an excellent game for Joey and he has shown he is progressing at least to me. As long as Joey stays healthy, they definitely can contend for a playoff spot.... But if joey is hurt, then the Defense will need to step up because Mike has shown me nothing so far...(game is still on as I type this) - ShadowJester

His one deep pass floated on him and was under-thrown. That is one of my biggest concerns with Harrington. I'm not convinced he can throw a good deep route in the NFL. He wasn't overly tested tonight. I felt his most impressive play was probably the touchdown pass where he had to find a secondary option because the guy he wanted to go to was covered. - socko

I thought his most impressive play was when Crog was doubled and yet he threw it in there anyway. He put a well placed ball in there and had the confidence his WR would get it.....and he did. Reminded me of Farve for a sec. - Air2theThrown

Even though it was the first exhib game. The starting offense when it was in there had a really nice pizazz to it. I don't want to get to excited, just an exhibition game afterall. But the offense certainly looks like it has the makeup for becoming something special. I think the Lions offense is going to cause fits for defensive coordinators this year. - TheBarIsHigh

Kircus fans -- please shut up. He had 1 freakin catch against 3rd string corners. Whoopdee do!!!!! As soon as I saw that I knew some Kircus fan would get excited, except I expected a "Kircus outdoes scotty" type post. - SeoulControl

It's because I'm inflexible in my thinking, and am already convinced that David Kircus is a future Hall of Famer. My brain-washing is complete. My fanaticism immovable. I am prepared to give him all credit, and hold him blameless for any transgressions. That one catch he made tonight should settle ALL doubt about him making the team. Consider that he had to catch it from McMahon!!!!! See ya in Canton!!! -- RealityDealtWith

Is our defense afraid to sack the quarterback? We made the Steelers' QBs look like modern day incarnations of Fran Tarkenton. Maddox and Roethlisberger slithered by and sidestepped defensive linemen after defensive linemen. One play, a long fourth down, found Roethlisberger evading EVERY single pass rusher, affording himself an infinite amount of time (or at least 30 seconds) behind the line of scrimmage if he so desired. I knew the Lions' pass rush would be bad, but I thought they'd at least be able to tackle the QB when they reached him. But alas, that proved to be an elusive task today. -- waynefonts4headcoach

The Steelers ran and passed all over us. Granted we were missing four starters but my problem is with the D-LIne. They got manhandled and did nothing. I am really worried. I hope this was just a really bad game. Granted the Steelers do have a pretty good o line but we made them look awesome because we couldn't get any penetration. -- RJW119

Pinner didn't look any better than he did last year, during which much of his problems were attributed to him not being completely healthy. This year there are no excuses for his lackluster production, which is bad enough to make me fondly reminisce about James Stewart's time with the Lions. Granted, the offensive line wasn't impressive either, but it doesn't change the fact that his vision, speed, and acceleration all looked subpar. I still maintain that he was the worst RB taken in the 4th round of last year's draft (while the likes of Lee Suggs and Onterrio Smith have been impressive in limited time). -- waynefonts4headcoach

I think Pinner looked decent last night. He is tough as hell to bring down, and has good vision. He is not the most talented back in the league, but he brings attitude that hopefully will be contagious, and I think he'll have enough good stuff this year to give Jonesey ample resting time. Pinner would be an ideal back for a line that gets a decent push. He's not a get the corner and break it type of guy. He is what he is, and I think if people realize that, they'll be happy with him. We need a guy like him on the team. -- theBIGNatural

Winning in preseason sets a tone. Its important for a team who hasnt won a road game in 2 years and has been a doormat for just as long. -- wildbill48048

Who fakes punts in a pre-season game, honestly? Steelers pulled all the tricks out of their hat last night to try to get that win. Someone has to tell Cower that you save those plays for the regular season. -- jplion

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