Welcome Back! Lions Re-sign 8 To P.S.

The Detroit Lions signed several of their recent cuts on Monday to the team's practice squad.

The Detroit Lions re-signed eight of their recent cuts on Monday, assigning each to the teams' practice squad.

Those re-signed were: Running back's Avon Cobourne and Keith Belton, offensive tackle and former Ferris State (MI) standout Matt McCoy, second-year receiver David Kircus, defensive linemen Colin Cole and Andrew Shull, second-year cornerback Rod Babers and linebacker Andrew Battle.

The minimum salary for an NFL practice squad player is just over $4,000 in 2004, although that amount can be increased.

Practice squad players are eligible to sign with other teams, but the new team must keep that player on its active roster for no less than three weeks.

Practice squad players do not travel with the team, but do practice daily.

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