Ricky "Running" Watters to Detroit?

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Justin Vanfulpen - LionsFans.com

PONTIAC- Seattle Seahawks running back Ricky Watters is in the final year of his contract in Seattle and the Seahawks aren't expected to re-sign him.

Watters has expressed interest in counting his career and would like to stay in the West Coast offense. Watters, who has played in San Francisco, Philadelphia, and now in Seattle, has always been in one form or another of the West Coast offense, and would like to finish his career in the West Coast offense as well, he is looking to play at least two more years.

Head coach Marty Mornhinweg has connections with people that have coached Watters in the past, and all of them have given Watters the vote of approval.

This is where the Detroit Lions come in, there has been some rumors around the front office that the Lions are not totally in love with James Stewart as their only option at running back. He is a good straight line runner, but he is injury prone, and doesn’t catch the ball out of the backfield as well the team would like. Watters is a pure West Coast offense running back, and could help the Detroit Lions offense a lot. If the Lions can sign Watters, their plan is to use both running backs -- similar to the Oakland Raiders West coast combination of Tyrone Wheatley and Charlie Garner

This week, Watters will get his starting job back against the Dallas Cowboys at Husky Stadium and in the team's three remaining regular-season games as well. But Shaun Alexander is the Seahawks running back of the future.

GM Matt Millen has said before that you can not win in the NFL without two good running backs, and not many other teams this off-season will be interested in Watters -- who will turn 33 in 2002, and Detroit has just one good running back on it roster.

When the off-season approaches, keep an eye on Ricky Watters, he could end up in a Lions uniform.

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