Millen: We have to keep building through the draf

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PONTIAC -- There are at least four defensive players that aren't expected to be back next season, defensive end Tracy Scroggins, outside linebacker Allen Aldridge, safety Kurt Schulz and middle linebacker Stephen Boyd. The Lions have many problems on this team that they need to fix, but they know what they can and can't do.

"You look at your problems and say 'Which ones can we live with and which ones can't we live with?' It's that simple. No team can fix all of its problems," said Lions GM Matt Millen.

The Lions front office is looking for game breakers and Millen knows how he is going to have to get them.

"You have to draft them, that's the only way you can get them," Millen said.

Millen knows that they way to build the Detroit Lions is with the draft and not looking heavily to the free-agent market.

"There's no question that we have to keep building through the draft."

Millen admits that the team needs speed and that is something that they will be looking for in April.

"Yes, we need to add speed, we've been talking about that all year," said Millen.

Position that Millen and the Lions will be looking forward in the draft are:







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