Harrington Ready for 3-4 Look of Houston

(ALLEN PARK) - The Houston Texans are one of a handful of teams that run the 3-4 defensive alignment.

Because of the prevelance of the 4-3 in the NFL, seeing a team with this scheme can sometimes confuse a young quarterback. Lions quarterback Joey Harrington says he understands the problem the alignment can cause.

"I'm sure they're going to have surprises for us, but that's going to happen week to week. No one's going to come in and play exactly the same as the week before," theorized Harrington.

"I expect to see something different, but the good thing is we've had a couple weeks (to prepare). We're as prepared as anybody in the league to play (against) a 3-4 defense right now because we've seen it a couple time with Pittsburgh and Baltimore in the preseason."

In fact, Detroit has one of their more impressive outings of the preseason against the Pittsburgh 3-4 defense.

Harrington said the key to playing well against a 3-4 is to get it blocked.

"It's mainly how you block it. You have to change up a few protections and you've got to make a few different calls. It's just a different look than you're used to seeing day in and day out. It's no better or no worse, it's just something different and you've got to kind of get used to it."

Detroit's Kevin Jones is looking forward to getting his second go-round against NFL defenses. Head coach Steve Mariucci said that Jones will likely be better after getting his feet wet against Chicago.

"It was a start. I think while he showed some good balance, he broke some tackles, he did some good things. There were a handful of plays that he would like to do over again and he will get the chance to do that and see it a little differently and make a different decision as far as taking it inside or outside, those sort of things. He certainly got his feet wet. He played 33 snaps and he felt good about it. The game was not too fast for him and he's going to get better and better as we go."

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