Gameday Matchups: Joey vs Carr, and More

Lions' insider Mike Fowler delivers three matchups to watch for on Sunday, including Joey Harrington and Texans' QB David Carr.


Detroit's Stockar McDougle vs. Houston's Jason Babin: McDougle is in a contract year and it doesn't hurt that he gets to prove his worth against a good edge rusher. Last week it was Chicago's Adawale Ogunleye, this week it's former Western Michigan standout Jason Babin. "I've been very pleased [with Babin's play]," said Texans head coach Dom Capers. "I thought that one of the bright spots in the game on Sunday was his play."

Texans' wide receiver Andre Johnson vs. Detroit corner Fernando Bryant: Normally Dre' Bly would garner the assignment of slowing the physical Johnson but with Bly out, the task will go to Bryant. Still look for Houston to try to flip Johnson so that he's matched up against backup Andre Goodman.

Houston quarterback David Carr vs. Detroit quarterback Joey Harrington: Sure, they don't play against each other, but there is pride and a game on the line. Adding to the rivalry, Carr was selected ahead of Harrington in the draft and seemingly has progressed faster. Carr, for one, is relishing the challenge.

"It is going to be fun to play against a guy like that (Harrington). He's a competitor. I've seen him on TV a couple of times, a couple of highlights and whatever. It is going to be fun to get out there and compete against a guy that likes to win."

Houston coach Capers says it isn't a competition. "We just had a gut feeling on David and decided to go with him (in the draft). We certainly held Joey Harrington in very high regard - same thing with Julius Peppers. We just felt that the right thing to do was to pick a quarterback to start your franchise with. David happened to be that guy."

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