Drummond's Key Return By Design

If Roy Williams is the understated and quiet Lion, Eddie Drummond is the showman. Drummond talked about his 99-yard kick-off return for a touchdown following Sunday's 28-16 win.

(DETROIT) - If Roy Williams is the understated and quiet Lion, Eddie Drummond is the showman.

The former Penn State standout likes to put on a show for the fans before, during and after every kickoff return. However he has a little something extra that he saves for those special returns - like the 99-yard return that took the momentum away from the Texans and returned it squarely to the Lions in their 28-16 win on Sunday.

The dive in the end zone?" said Drummond. "That was just to show off and have some fun. Basically I was planning on staying on the ground for a little while but the guys pulled me up and started tackling me."

After the Texans touchdown drive that got them within four points, Drummond prowled the sidelines as if he could sense a big return coming. The crowd got into Drummond's pre-return ritual and he responded with a 99-yard blast.

"I sense on every kick return and punt return [that something's going to happen.] I think I'm going to return it back everytime [for a touchdown]. I kind of hype myself up on the sidelines. It's a good thing at home games because the crowd can see me and they hype me up a little bit too and my teammates. I'm crazy, you've got to be a little bit crazy to be a returner."

Drummond credited the 'wedge unit' on the kickoff return team for opening up a huge hole for him. "on the return before that they were upset because the guys were hitting them low and things like that and kind of messed up the first return, so they were eager to get back out [on the field] and give me a big hole."

The hole looked big enough to drive the proverbial truck through. Was he even touched?

"Not at all. I wasn't supposed to get a hole that soon but it's a good thing that I saw it and hit it when I did and then after that it's either I'm fast enough or not and they pay me to be fast."

Oh, and the showman's dive into the endzone?

"That's just to make the play a little more exciting at the end I always see people doing that and I said 'ooh, that looks pretty good' so I decided to do it myself."

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