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Justin Vanfulpen - LionsFans.com

PONTIAC -- Rookie Quarterback Mike McMahon grew up about 15 miles north of Pittsburgh and played at North Allegheny High, and when he was growing up he was a Pittsburgh Steelers fan.

"Growing up in Pittsburgh, everyone's a Steelers fan. That all changes on draft day. Now, Detroit's my favorite team," said McMahon.

Currently, McMahon is Lions fans favorite quarterback, and most people want to see him start next year as well. Besides the fans, the McMahon family and friends wants to see him start as well, and since he is going home, he had to buy 31 tickets for the game this Sunday.

"Not too many," McMahon said. "Get 'em done now. Get 'em quick, out of the way, and not worry about it the end of the week."

McMahon has three more games to worry about this season, one more road game this Sunday, then two more home games, against the Bears and the Cowboys, respectively. Following the conclusion of McMahon's rookie season is his second off-season, the most important time for McMahon in his young career. The former Rutgers star will have five full months to learn the West Coast offense and become better prepared for training camp.

Another Lions quarterback that is from the Pittsburgh area is Charlie Batch, when I talked to him turning training camp, he was looking forward to going home and playing the Steelers. Batch will miss his opportunity to take a snap against the Steelers, and that the may ring true for his career with the Detroit Lions.

Some important dates for Lions fans to look forward to:

February 18, 2002 - Expansion draft where the Houston Texans can pick two players off the Lions -- and any other NFL roster. Most likely Batch will be one of the players available for the Texans to take.

April 20, 21, 2002 - College draft where the Lions have 6 draft picks. The Lions will be looking for playmakers both on offense and defense.

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