Harrington Looks To Correct Slow Starts

Numbers don't lie. And if you are looking for reasoning behind the slow starts that the Detroit offense has mustered as of late, look no further than the stats of quarterback Joey Harrington. Analysis and quotes from Harrington inside.

It doesn't take a football analyst to recognize an issue that has plagued the Detroit Lions in each of the team's 3 games this year.

Slow starts.

The Lions, who looked wonderful in the pre-season, marching down the field routinely with their opening possession, have sputtered and stalled their way to zero first quarter touchdowns, and that includes just one passing first down.

Lions' quarterback Joey Harrington also recognizes the problem, but the reasoning is difficult to come by.

"If I knew how to do it and I knew exactly what to put my finger on, it would have been done by now," Harrington said, regarding the trouble the offense has had. "It's something that just kind of happens and we've fought our way through it."

And that has been made possible by incredible 2nd quarter and 4th quarter peformances. Although Harrington has thrown for just 34 first quarter yards, completing under 50-percent of his passes, he has exploded in the 2nd quarter, tossing for 193 yards and two touchdowns, converting 12 first downs en route to a 124.0 QB rating. After what can be considered average production in the 3rd quarter, Harrington again moves the offense in the final quarter, as he's thrown for 179 yards, three touchdowns, compiling a 128.2 QB rating.

The Lions inability to be productive has led to a 0-21 first quarter deficit, including falling behind 14-0 in a forgettable first quarter against the Philadelphia Eagles last week.

"I don't think it's necessarily one specific thing every time," Harrington concluded. "We've just been slow to start. It's something that we can definitely correct, but like I said, I don't know exactly what it is to put my finger on."

What can be concluded is if Harrington can replicate, or at least get close to his production in the 2nd and 4th quarters, the slow starts that have haunted the Lions would cease, making life easier on the Detroit offense.

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