Mariucci Picking Up Lions' Good Vibrations

Steve Mariucci will never be confused with a member of the Beach Boys, but he's among many that are picking up 'good vibrations' following Detroit's 3-1 start.

(ALLEN PARK) -- Steve Mariucci will never be confused with a member of the Beach Boys, but he's among many picking up 'good vibrations' following Detroit's 3-1 start.

The Detroit Lions' head coach has downplayed the quick, unexpected start, as any coach would, but he's no exception to those picking up the buzz surrounding the ball club.

"Could you hear it in here - how loud it was during practice?" asked Mariucci, regarding the team's last practice prior to its win in Atlanta on Sunday. "There was some energy, some rhythm, some talking."

While the Lions' coaching staff hopes that energy translates well during Sunday's contest against Green Bay, the team camaraderie, confidence and excitement is really nothing new to Mariucci.

Entering Detroit, Mariucci was recognized for his distinct ability to motivate a team. League-wide, former player's such as Brett Favre, Jerry Rice, and Steve Young respect and boast of his ability to motivate.

So has the Mariucci magic rubbed off on the Lions?

"I've done an unofficial study," said Mariucci. "It is not scientific. Where you have college teams and pro teams and you try to determine how ready the team is before the game. You see how noisy they are at the pregame meal, how noisy the bus is, how wired in are they on the airplane, how are the meetings, how loose are they, how tight are they? You know what I've found? I don't know."

Trailing Sunday at halftime to the Lions, Falcons' head coach Jim Mora Jr. was quoted verbatim telling his team they faced a new obstacle (the Falcons hadn't trailed to any team they had faced prior), and challenged them to prove themselves in the second half. Atlanta responded with three points and three turnovers.

"I've seen both work for you and both work against you," continued Mariucci. "You can't predict. What matters most is how the first couple of series go, who gets a break, who gets momentum, how the game goes, you know? It is not an exact science. Sometimes you want a loose team, a confident team. Sometimes you want to settle them down because they should be more focused, but sometimes being too tight kills you."

Whatever method Mariucci is using, it has worked -- to this point. And with a winnable game approaching, and a 4-1 mark looming, those 'good vibrations' will only continue to parlay.

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