Redskins 17 - Lions 10: Post-Game Quotes

The Detroit Lions dropped a second consecutive game on Sunday, falling 17-10 to the Washington Redskins -- and to .500 for the first time this season at 4-4. Post-game locker room quotes inside.

(DETROIT) -- The Detroit Lions dropped a second consecutive game on Sunday, falling 17-10 to the Washington Redskins -- and to .500 for the first time this season at 4-4.

Below are post-game locker room quotes from the Lions.

Lions' Head Coach Steve Mariucci on the Game
Stopping the run and running the football are always going to be important in the National Football League. We keep on trying to improve the run game and we are on a mission to get that accomplished. We'll make some progress as we go, but not enough today. They were very good in the run game, obviously. They didn't throw the ball very often or for very many yards. It was primarily the run. (There were) obviously some other special teams areas that ended up being a factor in game. All of the kicking game plays are huge, as you know."

Mariucci on Lions' Quarterback Joey Harrington:
HOT NOTE: Harrington finished 26-of-52 for 269 yards, one touchdown and one interception.
"He completed half of his passes today. Against a defense like that, it is a blitzing defense, a pressure defense, which gets in a quarterback's face as often as possible. I think there are some throws that he's like to have back. He bounced a couple of throws out there and probably would like to think he could've made a different decision on a handful of plays that could've been more productive for him. He kept fighting through. We were playing musical chairs a little bit with the receivers. I thought they did a good job of covering for each other and switching off and giving each other rest and that sort of thing. It was difficult to throw the ball. We threw for 250-some yards, but not consistently. I thought we had some other chances that we didn't quite hook up."

Lions' Quarterback Joey Harrington on Loss:
"I knew it was going to be this type of game from the start. They're the best defense in the league, and they played on the field like they did on paper. They were extremely good, and we knew it was going to be a low scoring, field position game. We, on offense, didn't take advantage of the opportunities we had. It took too long. We can't wait until the fourth quarter to do it."

Harrington on 4th Quarter Resurgence:
"You play a completely different type of defense when you're in that situation. You can't compare (fourth quarter defense from the rest of the game)."

Harrington on The Running Game:
HOT NOTE: Lions rushed for paltry 64 rushing yards on 24 carries.

"We need to run the football. We do. There's no getting around that, but we had opportunities. There are teams that haven't ran the ball exceptionally well, New England last year being one of them, and they can still win football games. We had too many third downs that came up a little short."

Harrington on Second Consecutive Loss:
"It doesn't. It's not going to change how I approach things. You know me, I'm not going to get too down after something, and I'm not going to go overboard when we win a couple. We've got a lot of games left. We're sitting a couple of games back from where we'd like to be, and obviously we let a couple slip away here. It's not going to tear us down and we're going to go in the dumps, we're going to keep fighting, we're going to keep playing. We've got a good season going."

Harrington on Offensive Adjusting Needed:
"Throwing the ball deep down field isn't going to result in more yards. It's going to result into more third-and-longs and more interceptions. We've proven that. We've proven that in the last two years. We have to be a more consistent football team. When you look at the drives where we've been successful, we've run the ball well, we've fit some short balls and when the opportunity presented itself we hit a big play down field. Like I said, we've expected to be in this type of game today, and when the opportunity presented itself, we'd missed it. That was the difference."

Jason Hanson on 200th Game:
"The last few years we haven't been very good and we've done better this year but we didn't play very good today in certain phases and parts of the game. My 200th game is special to me, but it doesn't matter if it's my first or 200th, the guys are going out to play. We just didn't do what we had to do to win."

Lions' DE Cory Redding on Redskins offense
"First of all I want to say that Clinton Portis is one heck of a player. We knew this was going to be a big test coming in and we put all of our chips out there and the guy made plays regardless of what happened. Defensively, we have to make plays when our numbers are called and we just didn't execute today. The good thing about is we have eight more games to play, half the season is left and we just have to go back to work."

WR Reggie Swinton on Facing Redskins Defense
"They did exactly what we expected them to do. At times we didn't execute our play, and when you don't do that against a good defense it is going to hurt you.

"They brought the blitz a lot and I don't think Joey (Harrington) had time. When Joey doesn't have time, he has to scramble around to find us and it just wasn't working today."

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