No Tag: Rogers gets contract extension

Lions re-sign pro bowl lineman to $15 million signing bonus

ALLEN PARK. - Shaun Rogers had double reason to celebrate. After watching his Texas Longhorns knock off Michigan 38-37 in the Rose Bowl, Rogers basked in the glow of $15 million signing bonus, part of a new six-year deal he signed with the Detroit Lions on Saturday. The contract is a six-year, $46 million contract with a $15 million signing bonus, allowing the Lions to avoid placing the franchise tag that appeared to be imminent.

Detroit wanted badly to re-sign the young star before the end of the season so that some of the $15 million bonus could count against this year's salary cap. Detroit used some of the estimated $2-3 million of cap room on this year's salary cap to get Rogers signed.

Rogers, a four-year veteran from Texas is having a stellar season going into the season finale today at Tennessee. He currently has 67 tackles, including 45 solos, and four sacks.

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