Draft: Lions May Look To Deal 3rd Overall Pick

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Justin Vanfulpen [Draft Journal] - LionsFans.com

The Detroit Lions have the #3 pick overall, but they are looking to trade down and get more picks. But they don’t want to trade out of the first round, and there are many teams that are looking to move up in the draft and might be willing to trade with Detroit.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are interested in the pick and they have the number 9 pick overall, but would like to trade up. The Washington Redskins, who have the number 18 pick overall in the first round, are reportedly interested in trading up to draft a quarterback with their first overall pick and believe that they need to get in the top 5 to do accomplish that. The Miami Dolphins are also rumored to be interested, but they would like to draft OT Bryant McKinnie and if he is still there at number 3.

Miami doesn’t have a second round draft choice this year after trading it to the Philadelphia Eagles last off-season.

The Dallas Cowboys would like to trade down as well, but no team right know is willing to trade up with them to get the number 6 pick in the first round.

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