Expansion List Announced, Carthon Promoted to OC

The Detroit Lions announced their 5 unprotected players for the upcoming expansion draft.

Quarterback Charlie Batch, Runningback James Stewart, Runninback Reuben Droughns, Tight End / Long Snapper Bradford Banta and Free Safety Kurt Schulz were left unprotected for the upcoming draft. The expansion draft will be held on February 18th, with the Houston Texans acquiring a large part of their roster through the draft.

While the Lions hope to retain all five players, more than likely the Lions will lose at least one player to the Texans. Specualation of who the Texans might take will be all over the place, but Texans' GM Charlie Casserly has reportedly expressed an interest in Schulz. Most believe the Texans will steer clear of Batch and Stewart due to their sizable contracts. Both Droughns and Banta might also be options for the Texans, especially Banta who could also be the team's long snapper.

In other news, Head Coach Marty Mornhinweg has promoted Running Backs Coach Maurice Carthon to Offensive Coordinator. There was speculation last offseason that when Carthon was first hired he would also perform the duties of Offensive Coordinator, but instead Mornhinweg held those duties himself. Former Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers Offensive Coordinator Sherman Lewis was hired as the Special Assistant to the Offense. There is no word yet on how much control over the offense Carthon and Lewis will have, but the hiring of both lead's most to believe that Mornhinweg will simply be the Head Coach.

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