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Mock Draft

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  1. Houston Texans: OT Bryant McKinnie, Miami(FL)
  2. The Texans #1 need is a Quarterback, but is Joey Harrington or David Carr worth the first overall pick? Probably not. So, they'll take the next best thing: the blind-side protector for their eventual star Quarterback. [Talk About It!]

  3. Carolina Panthers: DE Julius Peppers, North Carolina
  4. Peppers has the most potential of anyone in the draft. Great size and quickness off the ball along with 3 devastating pass-rush moves make him the most likely All Pro from this draft. Despite all the holes on this team, Peppers is too good to pass on. [Talk About It!]

  5. Detroit Lions: DT John Henderson, Tennessee
  6. Henderson doesn't exactly fill a need but he's easily the best player left on the board. He can also move outside to Right Defensive End, even though his size dictates he'd be better inside. Of all the teams in the top 5, the Lions are the most likely to look to move out of their spot. [Talk About It!]

  7. Buffalo Bills: QB Joey Harrington, Oregon
  8. Rob Johnson will probably leave either through the expansion draft or through his outright release. Alex Van Pelt just negotiated an extension to keep him in Buffalo, but most believe that would be as a temporary starter. Harrington has all the tools to be a great QB at the next level, and he's easily the Bills biggest need. [Talk About It!]

  9. San Diego Chargers: OT Mike Pearson, Florida
  10. The Chargers started off strong but faded as the season went on. A main reason for the downfall was the lack of blocking by the Chargers' Offensive Line, both run and pass. Pearson isn't as good as McKinnie, but he's definitely a great blind-side protector for the next 10 years. [Talk About It!]

  11. Dallas Cowboys: DT Wendell Bryant, Wisconsin
  12. The Cowboys have numerous needs, but none bigger than a stud Defensive Lineman. They might make a move to get Peppers or Henderson, but if not Bryant will still be a great addition for a Cowboys line that got dominated by the Detroit Lions O-Line. [Talk About It!]

  13. Minnesota Vikings: WR Antonio Bryant, Pittsburgh
  14. Cris Carter could be on his way out, Jake Reed has obviously lost a step (or two), and Randy Moss still only plays when he wants to. Bryant isn't a spectacular playmaker like Moss, but can do everything well. It's a need for the Vikings, and since they have never been inclined to draft high for defense, an offensive weapon seems like the best bet. [Talk About It!]

  15. Kansas City Chiefs: WR Jabar Gaffney, Florida
  16. Dick Vermeil took over the team and expected to install the St. Louis Rams offense. However, he forgot one thing; he didn't have the players to execute the offense. Gaffney gets the Chiefs closer to having the personnel. He's got solid speed and has a knack for getting open, no matter who he's going up against. [Talk About It!]

  17. Jacksonville Jaguars: SS Roy Williams, Oklahoma
  18. The Jaguars are a team with serious cap problems and not a whole lot of talent coming up. Williams is probably one of the top five talents in the draft, but he plays a position that traditionally isn't drafted high. The Jaguars need talent, and Williams is a player that can be build around, even from the Safety position. [Talk About It!]

  19. Cincinnati Bengals: CB Philip Buchanon, Miami(FL)
  20. The Bengals have used numerous picks in the past to settle their secondary, but nothing has worked. The best way to solve their problems is to put a shut-down Cornerback in their secondary. Buchanon fits the bill. He doesn't have incredible measurables, but he just makes plays. [Talk About It!]

  21. Indianapolis Colts: DT Albert Haynesworth, Tennessee
  22. With Tony Dungy at the helm, you can bet he's going to look to improve a pathetic defense. Where's the first place to start? The same place he started with Tampa Bay, and that was with Warren Sapp. Haynesworth probably isn't as good as Sapp, but he'll bring a force to the middle of the Colts' defense, something they've been lacking. [Talk About It!]

  23. Arizona Cardinals: CB Quentin Jammer, Texas
  24. The Cardinals have an extremely weak defense. They probably need help on the Defensive Line more, but Jammer is too good to pass up at this point of the draft. He could play Safety or Cornerback, but he's needed more at Cornerback. [Talk About It!]

  25. New Orleans Saints: CB Lito Sheppard, Florida
  26. The Saints underachieved this season, and the reasons why can't be determined exactly. However, their secondary play was never spectacular, even with constant pressure from the front four. Sheppard is a bit of a reach, but a solid talent all the same. Could also double-up as a return man. [Talk About It!]

  27. Tennessee Titans: OG Toniu Fonoti, Nebraska
  28. Bruce Matthews is finally retiring and the Titans were terrible at run blocking this season. So, what's the answer to the problem? Go after the all-time leader in pancake blocks from the best run-oriented football program in the nation. This might be a bit high for Fonoti, but more because he's an OG than because of talent. [Talk About It!]

  29. New York Giants: DT Ryan Sims, North Carolina
  30. The Giants went from NFC Champs to not being able to compete in an extremely weak NFC East. Sims is somewhat raw, but none the less was a very good football player for the Tarheels. Sims will help shore up a unit that underachieved this past season, even with Michael Strahan setting the single-season sack record. [Talk About It!]

  31. Cleveland Browns: RB William Green, Boston College
  32. James Jackson and Jamel White are nice complimentary players, but neither is a feature back. Green is. He's a strong runner between the tackles, but has the speed to bounce outside and take it the distance. The addition should take some pressure off of Tim Couch, who has never been given a chance to succeed in Cleveland. [Talk About It!]

  33. Atlanta Falcons: WR Josh Reed, Louisiana State
  34. When your leading receiver is Terance Mathis, you know you've got problems. Michael Vick might be a spectacular football player one day, but he'll never get a chance to show it if he has to run the option because the Falcons don't have a legitimate threat at Wide Receiver. Reed isn't flashy, but he makes things happen and gets the ball in the end zone. [Talk About It!]

  35. Washington Redskins: QB David Carr, Fresno State
  36. The Redskins will be thanking their lucky stars if Carr falls this far. He's probably not a top-5 talent, but there are not 17 players better than him. Out of need it's hard to see anyone else taking him, but expect someone to move up to grab him, possibly Chicago who isn't happy with Jim Miller or the free agents available. [Talk About It!]

  37. Denver Broncos: WR Ashley Lelie, Hawaii
  38. When Ed McCaffrey went down, the Broncos lack of depth at Wide Receiver became readily apparent. McCaffrey probably still has another year or two left in him, so Lelie, still somewhat raw, will have time to develop as the third receiver. But Lelie is too good to keep off the field, expect the Broncos to start using more three receiver sets with him. [Talk About It!]

  39. Seattle Seahawks: DE Kalimba Edwards, South Carolina
  40. The Seahawks almost made the playoffs this season, so they're definitely close. But, they also have a lot of aging veterans on the defense. Edwards might not be at full speed next season because of a knee injury, but he'll definitely be an excellent edge rusher down the road, something the Seahawks desperately need. [Talk About It!]

  41. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: OT Mike Williams, Texas
  42. The Bucs get a bit of a gift with Williams falling all the way down to 21. Williams is more of a Right Tackle, but has the natural ability to move inside to Guard and become the replacement for Randle McDaniel. Either that or the Bucs might decide to keep Williams at RT and move Jerry Wunsch inside. Either way, Williams would be a gift to the Bucs at 21. [Talk About It!]

  43. New York Jets: DT Larry Triplett, Washington
  44. Triplett is a bit of a reach here, but the Jets are in dire need of help at Defensive Tackle. Don't be surprised to see the Jets make an effort to move up if they don't think someone worth the pick will be available. However, Triplett will still work well in the Jets 4-3 scheme; he's a solid plugger that will allow John Abraham to concentrate on rushing the passer. [Talk About It!]

  45. Oakland Raiders: FS Edward Reed, Miami(FL)
  46. A main reason the Raiders' run defense was so poor was because of a lack of ability at the Safety position. Last year's first round pick Derrick Gibson is expected to move into the starting lineup, but the Raiders don't have many other needs so taking a leader like Reed makes sense, especially because of his knack for making plays. [Talk About It!]

  47. Baltimore Ravens: DE Dennis Johnson, Kentucky
  48. The Ravens are very aware that the possibility exists that they could lose both Michael McCrary and Rob Burnett because of salary cap restraints, although neither performed like they had in season's past. Johnson is somewhat raw, but has the ability to be a dominating Defensive End, something the Ravens are looking for. [Talk About It!]

  49. Miami Dolphins: RB T.J. Duckett, Michigan State
  50. The Dolphins running game this past season took a big downturn from last year to this year, largely in part because Lamar Smith turned out to be a one-year wonder and neither J.J. Johnson or Travis Minor could pick up the slack. Duckett's power running style suits the Dolphins scheme well, and will allow them to incorporate Minor into the offense more as a change-of-pace back. [Talk About It!]

  51. New England Patriots: WR Marquise Walker, Michigan
  52. The Patriots found a formula that works. Now all they have to do is improve on the foundation. Adding a player like Walker is exactly what the Patriots need. He's not a gamebreaker, but he's got solid hands, runs very crisp routes and is the type of player that will compliment Troy Brown well. [Talk About It!]

  53. Philadelphia Eagles: TE Jeremy Shockey, Miami(FL)
  54. The Eagles don't have a whole lot of holes and most of their key pieces have yet to hit their prime. They also have plenty of salary cap room so signing these players to extensions will not be a problem. So, in the Eagles case, they have to take the best player available. Shockey isn't the best of blockers, but will be a great weapon for McNabb, especially because Shockey has a great knack for getting open. [Talk About It!]

  55. San Francisco 49ers: OG Andre Gurode, Colorado
  56. Ray Brown is still a solid Guard in this league, but is pushing the age limit. If by chance he returns, he'll be 40 by the time the season ends. He's obviously on his last legs so now is the time to find his replacement. Gurode is a great run blocker, and despite the 49ers insistence on not drafting O-Lineman early, it's a big need. [Talk About It!]

  57. Green Bay Packers: OLB Saleem Rasheed, Alabama
  58. The Packers don't have a lot of major needs, but have numerous smaller ones. Adding depth at Linebacker is a priority, and while the first round might be too early to address the problem, Rasheed is a very good talent that will fit in well with the team's other young LB's; Torrance Marshall and Na'il Diggs. [Talk About It!]

  59. Chicago Bears: CB Mike Rumph, Miami(FL)
  60. Walt Harris is a free agent, and the Bears don't seem inclined to give Harris a big contract, especially after what happened with Thomas Smith two offseasons ago. Rumph is a big, physical Corner who matches up well against bigger Wide Receivers. The NFC North has plenty of talented, big Wide Receivers, and Rumph could be the answer to them. [Talk About It!]

  61. Pittsburgh Steelers: TE Jerramy Stevens, Washington
  62. The Steelers have the top defense in the NFL along with an offense that is quickly developing. They could however use another type of weapon, the Tight End. Offensive Coordinator Mike Melarkey would love to have a player like Stevens that can line up as a Tight End or a slot receiver, simply because of the mis-matches he could create. [Talk About It!]

  63. St. Louis Rams: CB Keyuo Craver, Nebraska
    The Rams have plenty of offensive weapons, but their defense could still use some improvement. Aeneas Williams is quickly getting up there in age, and within 2 years will probably he headed for retirement. Craver could step in as a solid nickel Corner before eventually taking the starter's spot. [Talk About It!]

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