2005 NFL Free-Agents: Safeties and Cornerbacks

Below is an accurate listing of all NFL cornerbacks and safeties that will be available on the free-agent market March 2nd. Reference guide is listed at the bottom of this page

Below is an accurate listing of all NFL cornerbacks and safeties that will be available on the free-agent market. Reference guide is listed at the bottom of this page.

Aaron Beasley UFA Falcons
Allen Rossum UFA Falcons
Andre Dyson UFA Titans
Andre Goodman RFA Lions
Anthony Henry UFA Browns
Brian Williams RFA Vikings
Calvin Carlyle ERFA Ravens
Charles Woodson UFA Raiders
Chris Cash RFA Lions
Christian Morton ERFA Browns
Corey Ivy UFA Buccaneers
Dale Carter UFA Ravens
Danion Sidney UFA Lions
Dante Wesley UFA Panthers
Deion Sanders UFA Ravens
Demarcus Faggins RFA Texans
Derek Ross RFA Vikings
Donald Strickland RFA Colts
Dwight Anderson ERFA Rams
Earthwind Moreland RFA Patriots
Frank Walker ERFA Giants
Fred Smoot RFA Redskins
Gary Baxter UFA Ravens
Jason Bell UFA Texans
Jason Craft UFA Saints
Jason Horton UFA Packers
Jason Simmons UFA Texans
Jimmy Williams RFA 49ers
Jimmy Wyrick UFA Dolphins
Joseph Jefferson RFA Colts
Kelly Herndon UFA Broncos
Ken Lucas UFA Seahawks
Kenny Wright UFA Texans
Kevin Mathis UFA Falcons
Kevin Thomas RFA Bills
Kiwaukee Thomas UFA Jaguars
Kris Richard RFA Seahawks
Lance Frazier ERFA Cowboys
Lenny Walls RFA Broncos
Lenny Williams ERFA Cowboys
Lewis Sanders UFA Browns
Michael Stone UFA Cardinals
Nick Harper UFA Colts
Pat Dennis UFA Redskins
Pete Hunter RFA Cowboys
Rashad Bauman RFA Bengals
Raymond Walls UFA Ravens
Reggie Myles RFA Bengals
Renaldo Hill UFA Cardinals
Rhett Nelson RFA Vikings
Robert Tate UFA Cardinals
Roderick Hood ERFA Eagles
Ronyell Whitaker ERFA Buccaneers
Terrell Buckley UFA Jets
Todd McMillon UFA Bears
Tyrone Williams UFA Cowboys
Vontez Duff ERFA Steelers
William Hampton UFA Panthers
Willie Williams UFA Steelers
Zach Norton ERFA Ravens
Aeneas Williams UFA Rams
Ainsley Battles UFA Steelers
Anthony Mitchell UFA Bengals
Antuan Edwards UFA Rams
Bhawoh Jue UFA Packers
Bobby Gray RFA Bears
Bracy Walker UFA Lions
Brian Russell RFA Vikings
Chad Williams RFA Ravens
Chris Hope RFA Steelers
Chris Young RFA Broncos
Cory Bird UFA Colts
Curtis Fuller UFA Panthers
Damien Richardson UFA Panthers
David Terrell UFA Raiders
DeRod Cherry UFA Patriots
Dexter Jackson UFA Buccaneers
Dwight Smith UFA Buccaneers
Idrees Bashir UFA Colts
Izell Reese UFA Bills
Jack Brewer RFA Giants
Jarrod Cooper UFA Raiders
Jason Doering UFA Redskins
Jay Bellamy UFA Saints
Jerry Wilson UFA Chargers
John Howell UFA Buccaneers
Justin Lucas UFA Rams
Keion Carpenter UFA Falcons
Kenoy Kennedy UFA Broncos
Kevin McCadam RFA Falcons
Lamont Thompson RFA Titans
Lynn Scott UFA Cowboys
Marlon McCree UFA Texans
Marquis Anderson RFA Raiders
Mel Mitchell RFA Saints
Nick Sorensen RFA Jaguars
Quentin Harris RFA Cardinals
Rich Coady UFA Rams
Ronnie Heard UFA 49ers
Sam Brandon UFA Broncos
Sammy Knight UFA Dolphins
Scott McGarrahan UFA Titans
Shaun Wooden UFA Dolphins
Shaunard Harts UFA Chiefs
Steve Gleason UFA Saints
Terreal Bierria RFA Seahawks
Todd Franz RFA Redskins
Tony Dixon UFA Cowboys
Travares Tillman UFA Panthers
Tyrone Carter UFA Steelers
Vernon Fox RFA Lions
Will Demps RFA Ravens
Willie Offord RFA Vikings
Zack Bronson UFA Rams

Reference Guide:
Unrestricted free-agent. Available to negotiate with other ball clubs (including their current ball club) with no responsibility owed to former team.

RFA: Restricted free-agent. Available to negotiate with other ball clubs (including their current). Current team has option to match qualifying offers to retain player's services. Signing team must award former team with compensation (usually involving cash and/or draft choices).

ERFA: Exclusive Rights free-agent. Players with two or fewer years of experience who have no outside negotiating power. Their rights belong to their 2005 club provided they are made a minimum qualifying offer.

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