Draft Posturing? Or Does Marty Have Mind Made Up?

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Adrian Donofrio - LionsFans.com

It seems Marty Mornhinweg falls under one of the more classic male stereotypes:

He's afraid of long term commitments.

The Lions' head coach said he didn't want a Quarterback carousel, but that's exactly what he got this season, never committing to one QB for more than a few games. He wanted to develop rookie Mike McMahon, but he also wanted to see if the recently -- albeit not officially -- ousted Charlie Batch had what it took to retain his "Quarterback of the future" title. In the end, the impression he gave to Lion's fans was that McMahon was the quarterback of the future, no questions asked.

Now what we're hearing is Joey "Heisman" Harrington's name being thrown around like it was the second coming. There are so many reasons he'd do that, for one, he might actually do it. Like Mornhinweg said, the QB position is on his mind, the most vital position of them all. A chance to draft a top college ball-chucker is an opportunity you don't get every season, unless you're the Bengals. Harrington had over 2,400 yards last season, was considered a Heisman Trophy candidate, and had pretty good accuracy numbers, with one game completing 70% of his tosses, something 'former' golden boy Mike McMahon struggled with. He also fits the NFL prototype QB size, at 6'4 220.

Then again, this could be all smoke and mirrors before the college draft, which is not uncommon to say the least.

About a month ago, it seemed as if GM Matt Millen wanted a QB and Mornhinweg wanted to trade down. He knows teams like Buffalo need a franchise QB, and if they thought we were going to pick their target, they could go medievil on us ala Mike Ditka and hand us their entire draft for their guy. The bottom line is, he wants to increase the value of the 3rd overall pick in case he wants to trade down, which seems like the most logical thing to do, considering the insane number of holes this team has.

Then again, Ty Detmer was not logical, yet he "happened."

Another possibility is that Mornhinweg actually does like Harrington, and he's swooning over him publicly, perhaps like a child with a pocket full of money would swoon through the windows of a closed candy store. You have the ability to get that sweet, sweet candy, yet something you can't overcome is in the way. What Marty can't overcome is the fact that he just started building his project car in the form of Mike McMahon, and instead of getting a whole new one, he needs to start buying accessories for the car to make it better. Like a reciever who doesn't have knees like Gumby.

Or, he might actually draft Harrington, AND have Mike McMahon as the starter. Yes, he can have his cake and eat it too, then steal another person's cake and eat it too. He has ties with the Green Bay organization, and they're famous for trading good QB's for draft picks after they're developed. Mark Brunell came from the Pack, Matt Hasslebeck came from the cold shadow of Brett Favre, as well as Aaron Brooks. Could it be that Marty wants to take Harrington and develop him behind the scenes, keep him as a good back-up behind McMahon and trade him before his contract runs out for picks and players? It's yet another possibility in the utterly twisted world of the Detroit Lions.

Marty has put on his technicolor dreamcoact and nobody is brave enough to tell him that he DOES look fat in it. We'll see what happens after the combine, and at the draft itself. The future of Detroit could hinge on this very draft, and with so many holes in various positions, logic would demand he trade down.

Maybe other NFL teams know that.

Maybe Marty doesn't care.

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