Batch could learn a lesson from Moore

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Adrian Donofrio -

Herman Moore summed up his probable release and his restructuring quite well in this sentence.

"On the way out, I'm still willing to work with them."

He reduced his base salary to save the Lions cap money, even though its possible he'll be playing for another team next year.

Moore played hard for this franchise, holds basically every receiving record for the team, and he's being released. And if he's lucky, he'll get a smile and a thank you.

However he made a move that he didn't have to make. He took a paycut. Sure, it makes it easy for him to find another team with a reduced salary, but it probably helps the Lions more than it does him. Goes to show how much he cares about the only team he's been on his entire career.

Charlie Batch has said numerous times that he wanted to stay with the Lions. But the fact that he wouldn't be assured a starting spot made him realize that moving on was best for his career. His salary was enough for the front office to realize that it's best for them to move on as well.

The general consensus around the league is that Batch is overpaid. It doesn't take a whole lot of football knowledge or etiquette to realize that. But, when faced with the idea of taking a paycut, he declined.

Now, why would he do that? Did he think that if his salary was reduced, the Lions would want to keep him? Probably not. It didn't take Sherlock Holmes to pick up on the not-so-subtle hints that Matt Millen dropped when he first arrived as the new GM that he wasn't to keen on Batch. The endless quarterback controversy is something the team would like to end as well, and letting go of Batch is essentially the way to do it. Holding on to him would make no sense, judging by everything that's happend thus far.

Reducing his salary would help him find a new team as well. Teams may be wary of Batch because of his cap numbers alone. Reducing his salary for a year, proving he is what he says he is and staying healthy would go a long way with a new team.

Yet he refuses a paycut.

Maybe veteran leadership goes further than we know. The veteran, Herman Moore, knows what's best for him, and helps out the team that started his career in the process.

Maybe the young Batch can learn something from that.

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