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Justin Vanfulpen -

-The Lions are in talks with free-agent linebacker Jeff Gooch, who played with Tampa Bay last season and was a back-up, but the Lions see him as a starting outside linebacker. Both the Lions and the Packers have expressed to his agent that they would like to sign him. The Lions seem to be the leading team to sign him.

-The Lions are still talking with free-agent tight end Ken Dilger, the Colts' starter for seven seasons. The Lions are waiting for his price tag to go down, at last report he wanted $3 million a season and the Lions were not willing to pay that, neither was any other team. His price tag has gone down and now there is a chance that he could be the Lions new starting tight end for the 2002 season.

-The Lions are close to re-signing wide receiver Bert Emanuel, who was on the team last year. If the Lions do re-sign him they will not draft a wide receiver on the first day of the draft(April 20) and might not draft a receiver at all.

-The Lions are talking to running back James Stewart about redoing his contract so that he has a lower cap number for the 2002 season. Right know, his base salary is $4.15 million, and his cap number is $5.25 millions for the 2002 season. The Lions might draft his replacement in the NFL draft in the second round and then cut him after June 1st if he does not redo his deal. The cut would lower significance of his contract against the team's salary cap.

-There is a small chance the Lions will re-sign free-agent tight end David Sloan, but they don't want to pay him anything over $ 1 million for next season and Sloan wants something closer to over $2 million per season.

-The Lions would love to see Julius Peppers, DE from North Carolina fall to them with the third pick in the draft if he does the Lions will draft him, if he is not there the Lions will try to trade down and get extra picks in the draft. Quentin Jammer, CB from Texas is another possibility at # 3 but that is a long shot.


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