Bradshaw gives Lions Words of Wisdom

Former Pittsburgh Steelers great Terry Bradshaw was at Lions training camp Allen Park on Tuesday and he had a message for several Lions, including receiver Charles Rogers and quarterback Joey Harrington.

ALLEN PARK - Former Pittsburgh Steelers great Terry Bradshaw was in Lions training camp in Allen Park yesterday and he had a message for Lions wide receiver Charles Rogers.

"We just need you to get through a year," Bradshaw told the oft-injured Lions star.

Rogers is back after suffering a second consecutive season ending collarbone injury, but Bradshaw, who suffered the same fate while starting his career with Pittsburgh thinks it'll all about Rogers technique when being tackled.

"There are ways to fall," Bradshaw explaine. "You break the collarbone by landing on the elbows. You're not going to break it getting hit. You'll separate your shoulder before you break your collarbone. It will just pop out, which is worse than a collarbone. If you're going down, just tuck it (the elbow). That's what I did."

Bradshaw says if Rogers listens to him, he'll be OK. "You can develop habits, and that's what practice is for. Catch, tuck, and keep the elbow tucked. You just don't want to land on it. Just a lot of little things like that."

The former Louisiana Tech standout also talked about Lions fourth year quarterback Joey Harrington who is under considerable durress from fans who want to see him take the team to their first winning season in five years with an explosive offensive attack.

"I've been there man," said Bradshaw who was booed early in his career in Pittsburgh. "I know exactly how that feels. Everybody's screaming for your throat. When you're out there it's your fault and their fault and it gets in your head bad. They are putting the pieces together for him to function."

Bradshaw says Harrington's defiant tone in an interview on Detroit radio station WXYT is exactly the way the former Oregon standout ought to handle the fans reaction.

"You have to take it on yourself to say, 'You're not going to run me out of here. I'll prove you all wrong.' If that's what you have to do, then that's what you do. I know I did it. I got so angry. I'm still angry. But if you get the players around you, then it's on your shoulders. Then you say, 'My God, I'm the number-one draft choice. I'm no fluke. I'm the first guy taken for a reason. I'm good.' You just have to go out there and you have to play like that. Play smart, play focused, and let these great players around you perform. I hope he does that."

Bradshaw also told Lions President Matt Millen that he didn't like the way Harrington practiced and he needed to be sharper to get the team's tempo up.

"I'm sitting there with Matt (Millen) saying 'That's not good.' Practice should be a little bit sharper than that, I think. But, who knows that they are trying to do. I'm not in the huddle over there. I like [Harrington]. I liked him coming out of college. I like talking to him. He's an upbeat kid. You never know, internally, how he's going to handle all of this. Is that what you (the media) are all saying here in Detroit, how's (Joey) Harrington going to do? Pretty much right? He reads that."

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