Lions receive three compensatory picks


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A fourth-round draft selection may not replace the loss of former guard Jeff Hartings (Steelers), but the Detroit Lions will take it.

On Monday, the NFL announced its compensatory draft choices, and where they are headed. Eighteen of the league's 32 teams qualified for a total of 32 selections, and Detroit claimed three of them.

The three compensatory draft picks included one fourth rounder (134th overall) and two seventh-round picks (253 and 259 overall). The late fourth round draft pick is the highest compensatory pick the Lions have ever received.

Since 1993, the NFL has dispensed "compensatory" draft picks. They are assembled, and divided up, by the team's free-agent activity the prior season. The number of picks given generally equals the amount of free-agents a team lost. For example, last season, the Detroit Lions lost Mike Compton, Jeff Hartings, and Walter Rasby.

The quality of compensatory pick depends on the value of the free-agent lost. This includes the players salary, playing time and postseason honors, according to the league.

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