Inside Track: News, Notes & Quotes from Camp

Things get chippy at camp, who will start Saturday at quarterback, Raiola's hand injury and more.

ALLEN PARK - Things got a little chippy in training camp on Tuesday for the second time in the last two weeks. And Lions' head coach Steve Mariucci wasn't happy with the 'extracurricular activity.'

"There was some thumping going on. We have talked about this before; you get toward the end of your camp and these guys get a little feisty, they get anxious to play opponents and that sort of thing," explained Mariucci. "Today was a really lively practice. We got a lot done out there today. You bump in training camp. That is what happens once in awhile. Our guys are pretty darn good about working with each other. Every now and then a guy starts throwing around like guys do sometimes. I was very pleased with the energy."

But what about the skirmish that broke out? Did Mariucci address the players about that? "Yeah, I do. It is between me and the players."

Mariucci also spoke about the health of center Dominic Raiola, who came out of practice for a bit. Raiola has been nagged by a hand injury.

"He finished practice. He starts getting heated a little bit, so he took a drink and felt better and finished practice. He has had that cast and he played with it last game. He has a fractured finger, so he has a couple of fingers taped together with a cast on it to immobilize it. He is going to have that cast for several weeks. He has been playing with it and practicing with it each day."

It is looking more like Jeff Garcia could start Saturday's contest against the Cleveland Browns in the annual "Great Lakes classic", but don't read much into that. Mariucci simply would like to get Garcia some quality work with the first unit.

Don't look for return specialist Eddie Drummond to get into Saturday's game. The Lions like to limit Drummond's exposure and save his stellar returns for when they really count.

"We have not talked through how we are going to play these guys," Mariucci said. "We typically do not give him a lot of returns in the pre-season. We may give him a couple; we are selective when we do it. He gets a lot of playing time as you know. He is also practicing at wide receiver a little bit, but we have so many guys at wide receiver, so there is little chance that he is going to get playing time at receiver. He will be ready when the time comes."

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