Wesley: Honolulu Blue Power Rankings

With a personal twist on the casual NFL rankings, check out your ranked Detroit Lions -- from top to bottom. [Pre-Season: Edition II]

Shawn's Lions Power Rankings
Pre-Season Edition: II


Moving up
Kevin Jones has stepped up into the #2 spot behind Big Baby. KJ is the real deal folks, buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Terrence Holt keeps climbing the list. His biggest question marks were speed and tackling, the more he shows the more is stock grows. Dumb penalty in the game, but he'll learn...gotta love aggressiveness.

Shaun Cody has made an appearance on the list. He's showing signs of being more than just a backup or contributor. This is a guy that might be a disruptive force on the interior and give Shaun Rogers a little breathing room every now and again.

Charles Rogers looks like he's back. Only question now is health.

Going down
Kenoy Kennedy has completely missed the list, this is a statement made by myself and by the board members (who either had negative things to say about Kenoy or didn't have anything to say at all). He'll probably move back up as the games get for real. Kenoy will have to earn his way back onto the list, no more riding his rep (right now Teddy Lehman isn't making it hard for him to get back on). From here on out his entire career has been erased and his only accomplishments have come in the past two games. With those two games in mind, Holt looks like the big money free agent pickup...and Kenoy looks like the second day draft pick making his first starts.

James Hall will always have his critics until he proves last season was not a fluke. James has shown me a super quick jump off the ball on certain plays and a nice bull rush...he won't be able get by another season with just those two things...we need a pass rush yesterday.

Cory Schlesinger was injured for the game and will miss the next several weeks. 

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