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With a personal twist on the casual NFL Power Rankings, check out the Top 20 Detroit Lions -- from top to bottom! [Regular Season: Edition I]


Moving up
Eddie Drummond just needed some game time to move his way back up the charts. Just get a tingle every time he's back to return a kick. And even on a ho-hum day he still broke one...unfortunately it was called back. Man, he looked quicker than ever on that return.

Terrence Holt is going to be the "face" of our defense if he keeps this up. Not that he's our best player, but if he puts in a long career like he is now, it will be hard to imagine Detroit defense without him. Almost every play you think of has #42 somewhere in the picture, good or bad.

Fernando Bryant is starting to look better out there. I think the injuries made it too hard to overcome Dick Jauron's defensive playcalling. That and some of the worst safety help in the league. Brock Marion looked worse than what he was because he was still good enough to get around the football, he just wasn't good enough to make the plays anymore. We have GOT to find a better solution for backup safety and special teams than Bracey Walker.

Marcus Pollard proved in a single game that he is going to be a force in this offense. Numbers weren't off the charts by any means (though over an entire season his numbers would be top 3 in the league). Some saw Pollard as what he looks like...I saw him as the possible second coming of Stephen Alexander (or Brock Marion), guys who just didn't have it anymore and were just upgrades "in theory." He proved my reservations wrong, and I actually think he might be a bigger part of this offense than he was in Indy. We aren't going to be throwing as many balls to our RB or second TE by design of the offense. We sure as heck aren't going to throw 100+ balls to one receiver...cause we don't have one that runs routes good enough for THAT kind of production. Marcus might have his best season ever, and go out as one of the best TEs in the game today...how sweet would that be. What I find unique about Marcus is how easily he catches the football and gets on the run. Its so fluid and the acceleration is so quick...there's no hesitation when he turns up field.

Kalimba Edwards finally makes the cut, for now. I probably have more faith in KE than anyone...but I'm also one of the few here that got to see extensive action of him in college before we drafted him. We're talking about the best and most dominant player on the best defense in the country. He was better than Julian Peterson in college, and the great Joel Buchsbaum rated him behind Julius Peppers and in front of Dwight Freeney in the draft...a top 10 pick...before injury. Unfortunately he's been hurt ever since. Can he turn it around? It is a contract year after all. He'll need to produce to stay on the list, there wasn't much competition for the last spot this time. And he did his damage once the entire defensive line stepped up and made plays...he just made the most photogenic one (a classic that will go around the internet forever I assume).:D He makes this spot because of pressure...there was a miscommunication and he went completely unblocked on his sack.

Going down
Charles Rogers is not the same guy. Maybe its a confidence thing and he can just turn it on whenever he wants. Lots of bad throws his way...but his body language just isn't the same anymore. The one thing that seperated him and Roy Williams was desire, not anymore. Roy seems like his head isn't in the game sometimes..that's NOT Charles Rogers. If I were the coaching staff, I break out some game tape of Chad Johnson and make him watch it...him and Andre Johnson. Chad because that's who Charles needs to be...Andre because...well...we all know why.

Jeff Backus has never looked this bad. Sure...a play here and there...a game here and there. But as a whole, Backus just doesn't look like much anymore. I honestly blame Rick Demulling until further notice...its got to be something...Jeff is supposed to be in his prime right now. That, or maybe us taking longer drops and holding the ball longer is finally exposing Backus' weaknesses. For the first time since he got here I am starting to reconsider Backus for the long run.

Rick DeMulling looks like another mistake at the guard position by Matt Millen. Rick is not a long term solution, nor does his contract say that he is meant to be. I think Matt needs some serious help finding a guy to put in that spot...unless its going to suddenly click for Rick...he just isn't very good. I'm holding out small hope that he just needs time with the offense and the surrounding cast to be effective.

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