Fantasy Lions: Week Two

Have any Lions on your fantasy roster?'s fantasy experts have you covered.


Kevin Jones

Nick West:  Jones ran for 87 yards on 25 carries last week, a 3.5 per carry average. His long was only seven yards, so the yardage was tough to come by. Expect similar numbers from Jones this week as he lines up across a very solid Chicago Bears defense, anchored up the middle by tackles Tommie Harris and Ian Scott. And don't forget about Brian Urlacher, who will have free reign to chase down Jones when he cuts outside. The positive side for Jones' fantasy owners is that he'll get about 25 carries again this week and even a 3.5 or four yard per carry average will put him close to 100 yards.

Adrian Donofrio: Nick's correct here, you can expect the same numbers from Jones this week, but I expect him to punch one in at the goal line. This should make him a viable start in most leagues.

Roy Williams

NW:  Don't be too concerned about Roy's two catches for 13 yards last week. As the season progresses, so will Joey Harrington's rapport with his receivers subsequently upping their fantasy numbers. Roy may not get owners 100 yards receiving until at least week five or so, but he might snag you a touchdown this week.

AD: Again, Nick hits it on the head here. Roy Williams will have at least 65 yards receiving this game, and likely grab a TD. Roy needs to step up and he knows it. Being completely healthy, he has no excuse. In his short career, he has actually put up better numbers in Chicago than when playing the Bears in Detroit, and averages 4 more yards per catch on grass than on turf.

Marcus Pollard

NW:  He was Harrington's number one receiver in week one and his statistics reflected: five catches for 58 yards and a touchdown. Except similar numbers this week and probably for the remainder of the early part of the season until Harrington and the young receivers can develop a better pass-and-catch relationship. Pollard should move into your starting lineup unless your regular starter is in the Tony Gonzalez mold.

AD: As I said last week, Pollard will continue to be Joey's No. 1 target. Even though Charles Rogers and Roy Williams have been with the team for some time, they have both suffered injuries enough to keep Joey developing a solid feel with how they play. Pollard will act as a safety valve until the quarterback-receiver relationships are further developed. Five catches for at least another 60 yards, and he'll get some opportunities in the end zone. Pollard is a solid, but unspectacular start. If all you need is 3-8 points from your TE, this is definitely your guy.


Charles Rogers

NW:  Rogers had just one catch for 31 yards but showed why he is and can be a deep threat for the offense. To take the view of a scout, Rogers showed excellent body control and concentration while making the catch, took a fall on his collarbone and jumped back up unscathed. Additionally, Harrington chucked the ball several times downfield but wasn't successful on putting the ball into Rogers' hands. Just wait until Joey does. It probably won't be this week, though.

AD:  The Bears have a solid defense, but I expect Rogers to get another long reception out of Chicago this week. I don't think he's worth starting yet, but he is still shaking the rust off. Another advantage is having him play a divisional rival again, that way you know how he fares next time these two teams face off. Explosive player, just needs to feel his way around the league a little bit more.

Joey Harrington

NW: Harrington tossed a pair of touchdowns on 167 yards, but looked out of sync with his wide receivers for much of the game. To me, this is natural. A young offense is going to struggle at times, but as they grow together the statistics will soar – especially with the potential of this Lions group. Harrington's statistical progression will be synonymous with the weekly games. Be patient with Joey; the fantasy payoff could be huge. Leave him on your bench right now.

AD: There are too many QB's out there right now (Chad Pennington, for example) who you could start and get better numbers from. Granted, Joey and Chad are coming off near opposite performances, but I don't expect Joey to outperform Chad numbers-wise in regards to fantasy. I'd keep Joey on your roster unless your current starter has a bye week next week, and expect Joey to have a good second half. If you can't wait that long, wait until he has a great game and trade him. Until then, don't start him this week.

Detroit Defense

NW:  These guys got me 29 points in my league. But I had them on my bench because the Falcons defense is and WILL remain my starter. I'm not saying the defense performance against the Packers in week one was an aberration, but don't let one game fool you. Make sure Shaun, Dre and the boys prove themselves before you give them the starting nod.

AD:  I actually disagree with Nick on this one; unless you own a team like Pittsburgh, who is going to face a horrendous Houston team, Detroit would make a very solid start this week. The Bears are starting a rookie QB, have offensive line issues, and don't have great strength at runningback. Their only solid receiver this far, Mushin Muhammed, put up 69 yards on 6 receptions the last time he faced Detroit (that was with Carolina, in 2003.) This Detroit defense is a lot different and should hold Moose to similar numbers if not completely out. I expect Detroit to get at least 3 sacks on Orton, one interception and quite possible more. Also keep in mind that the Lions D has a penchant for putting the ball into the endzone once they have it. This is actually a very, very solid start.

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