Harrington: Loss To Bears Will "Stick With Me"

ALLEN PARK - Quarterback Joey Harrington threw his NFL career-worst five interceptions in the Lions' 38-6 loss Sunday at Chicago in a performance he's not likely to forget for a long while.

"I still think about the Oregon State game my junior year," Harrington said. "I threw five picks in that game, too."

In fact, that game bothered Harrington so much that -- even now -- he carries in his wallet a well-worn clipping of a letter of support from an Oregon fan after the game.

Harrington opened his wallet to show reporters the clipping but added, referring to the game: "It still eats me."

Harrington was asked why he carried the clipping with him, if the memory of the game was so bothersome.

"You have to keep your head up, because when you throw five picks and feel responsible for the loss... it kills me," he said. "You've got to do everything you can to keep it from getting to you. Is it going to stick with me? You better believe it's going to stick with me, but I'm going to do everything I can to fight back from it."

One of Harrington's five interceptions resulted from a miscommunication between himself and wide receiver Roy Williams. Immediately after the pick, Harrington screamed at Williams and gestured with animation.

"Roy and I both saw a match-up we liked," Harrington said. "He saw the route going inside, I saw the route going outside. That happens between a quarterback and a receiver. He's at a different vantage point than I am. I'm sitting in the pocket, trying to see over the top of them; he's running one-on-one with this guy."

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