Bye For Now: Harrington Remains Eager To Respond

Confronted with blitzing pressure reminiscent to last weekend, Lions' quarterback Joey Harrington is escaping the pocket for now, but has no plans on altering his approach when he returns to work.

Following Wednesday's practice, Lions' quarterback Joey Harrington was staring at four consecutive days of rest. No media. No studying. No practice.

No pressures.

After last Sunday's 38-6 disaster at Chicago, you almost couldn't blame the much maligned signal caller if he didn't return. But Harrington doesn't have any plans of the sort.

In fact, Harrington felt like the entire team was walking into the bye week with a bit of a chip on their shoulders. And that is a good thing.

"There is some frustration hanging around, which is good," said Harrington, who will travel with his family to watch Saturday's Hawaii-Idaho matchup. His brother is a quarterback for the Vandals.

"It is also combined with a focus and an intensity that has really been strong in practice these last two days. I like it. Everything is on edge a little bit, which is good. It is kind of how it was after St. Louis - there is a little bit more juice to everybody; there is a little bit more pressure.

"I think people respond well to that."

The hangover after Sunday's loss still has momentum in the media and with fans, however. Many have called for Harrington to be replaced after yielding five interceptions to the Bears. Many more even believe a coaching change -- head coach or otherwise -- is in store.

Break Needed: Lions Will Attempt To Regroup After Crushing Loss
When news broke that Detroit had worked out veteran quarterbacks Shaun King and Jeff George, some believed a move would be made -- if not immediately, eventually -- at the quarterback position. But the Lions stated on Wednesday that the one-day trial workouts were purely scouting related, and that no roster changes would be made.

Confronted with blitzing pressure reminiscent to last weekend, Harrington is escaping the pocket for now, but has no plans on altering his approach when he returns to work.

"When you start changing your approach, then it is changing everything that I am, what I stand for and what I believe in," he said. "My preparation for me is the most important thing about my game. I pride myself on being prepared and knowing the game plan and knowing where I am supposed to go with the ball and making the right checks.

"When I start changing my preparation, that is changing everything about me and I just have to continue what I have been doing."

Although Harrington admitted that part of him would like to stick around and make corrections, the mini-vacation the team gets to enjoy can also be a positive thing.

"It is a tough spot because you want to get out there right away and kind of erase that feeling that we all have in our guts, but at the same time, it could be a good time to step away and like I said, people are definitely frustrated about the way we lost that game.

"I think this weekend could be good to get a refreshed attitude coming back in."

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