Five Reasons For Lions Fans To Watch Sunday

Detroit Lions fans find themselves in a precarious situation on Sunday. Without an afternoon of their beloved Motor City bunch, other options become much more prevalent.

Like finishing the patchwork on that hole in the drywall that you started six months ago. But that would require a trip to Home Depot.

And gas isn't cheap.

Or you could lace the house with Halloween decor. It's never too early to prepare for a Holiday that lasts every bit of three hours -- just ask your local grocery store. Unless it's a Meijer (they've moved onto Christmas).

Regardless of what mundane task you plan on replacing your traditional Lions' ritual with, one thing is certain: the National Football League will continue. And you should go along for the ride.

Below are five very valid reasons to procrastinate with your daily life, and give football without the Lions a chance ...

5. Mistake-free day by Lions - No interceptions, no head scratching coaching decisions, no losing. Enjoy football without any disappointments and lack of frustration.

4. Become a Bengals fan - Temporary or permanently (optional), Cincinnati can put the Lions into sole first place by default if they can beat the Bears in Chicago. Cheap? Undeserved? Lions fans will take it.

3. Scout the Buccaneers - Tampa (2-0) travels to Green Bay (0-2) before hosting the Lions next week. Plus, it's a nice opportunity to catch the Brett Favre-is-finally-going-away tour.

2. Misery loves company -- so leave Vikings' fans alone - The struggling 'Yikes have a real chance to start the season 0-3 when Minnesota hosts New Orleans (1-1). Life really isn't better after Moss ... go figure.

1. Fantasy Football -- Duh - It isn't as though you drafted any Detroit Lions anyway (and if you did, they're all on the wire by now -- or they should be), but fantasy football makes every NFL weekend worthwhile. With that said: Go Kurt Warner, Priest Holmes, Keyshawn Johnson ...

... and that incredibly stifling Bears defense!

And if those reasons aren't enough, enjoy a Sunday off, Lions fans. You deserve it.

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