Fantasy Lions: Week Four

It's like Pepsi Twist, only without the lemon ... and soda. Fantasy Football -- Detroit Lions' style.


Kevin Jones

Nick West: Give Jones one more chance to prove he is worth a starting spot in your league. He has struggled in the first two games, mainly because the running defenses he faced were quite good. It also doesn't help that his stud of a lead blocker, Cory Schlesinger, is still recovering from a broken leg. Rumors have Schlesinger back within the next two weeks. Jones will have a formidable foe in the Tampa Buccaneer defense this week, so let's keep our fingers crossed.

Adrian Donofrio: Tampa's D-Line will eat Detroit's porous offensive line for breakfast. This is not the place to hope and pray Kevin gets his head on straight and the offensive line to gel. Save it for next week.

Roy Williams

NW: He is the only consistent receiving threat on the roster and will get you some points this week. Regardless if Joey Harrington lofts another five-interception game, Williams will snag some balls and maybe a score.

AD: If you have a starter on a bye, here's where you play Roy. Otherwise, with the QB likely under constant pressure, Roy won't get too many chances.

Marcus Pollard

NW: Pollard is a tweener and you should only keep him on the bench if you have a superior tight end or a guy like the Redskins' Chris Cooley on your roster. He is the best tight end the Bucs have faced this season so far, so maybe he'll surprise them with his talent and grab a touchdown.

AD: Pollard has proven that he's the only consistent starter on the Lions team. I don't see too much of a reason to stop this week, he hasn't done much to prove you should, although I wouldn't expect numbers similar to his successes this year.


Charles Rogers

NW: Rogers isn't getting many throws his way, and it likely isn't his fault. Harrington has been focusing in far too much on Roy Williams and isn't looking for Rogers. Its too bad for the organization, the team and Rogers, because he is such a super-talent and can help this team out. Until Harrington and Rogers develop a better pass-and-catch relationship, keep Charles on your bench.

AD: Charles Rogers doesn't have his head in the game. It's that simple. He's upset about not getting more looks, but also isn't running routes correctly. I wouldn't even bother with him being on your roster, let alone your starting lineup, especially this week.

Joey Harrington

NW: Five interceptions. What?! If you still have Harrington on your fantasy roster, then I commend your bravery. He may never throw that many picks in a game again, but he may never throw half that many touchdowns in a game if he doesn't get his stuff together very soon. Do not start him until he can put together at least two good and productive games. Harrington needs to get on par with his receivers; they are far too talented.

AD: Put Joey away, or better yet, put him in the free agency pool. Until this offensive line gets going, don't expect Joey Harrington to ever live up to his potential. If you are facing the dire straits of playing David Carr as your starter, then pick up Joey. If not, then be content with whoever you have.


NW: Well, they didn't give up at 38 points to the Bears two weeks ago, but in fantasy leagues they were charged with them all. Cadillac Williams has been on fire so far this season and may run for a few scores against the Lions defense. Brian Griese has looked comfortable in the pocket as his line is doing a good job of protecting him and opening up passing lanes. If Griese gets time, he has the receivers to catch the ball. Don't start this defense.

AD: Don't take your life into your own hands, and don't start this defense. Even though I don't see Caddy running up too much of a score on this D, Brian Griese will have forever to throw, and as a veteran QB, he'll recognize hot routes immediately and take advantage.

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