ANALYSIS: Redzone Issues Haunting Lions

Team still not converting scoring chances, making costly mistakes.

ALLEN PARK - You could say that this was a great performance by the Tampa Bay defense. If you did, you'd only be getting half the story. While the Bucs are known for making big defensive plays when it counts, really it was the plays the Lions didn't make that told the tale of this one.

Detroit is still not converting in the red zone despite all the time they spend in the classroom and on the practice field working on those plays.

EXHIBIT A: - Detroit's Kalimba Edwards sacks Tampa Bay quarterback Brian Griese, causing a fumble that was recovered by Jared DeVries.
- Lions ball first and ten at the Tampa Bay 33-yard line.
- Jones up the middle for four yards.
- Harrington to Mike Williams for two yards. Harrington hurried, forced to run for 1 yard.
- Field goal.

EXHIBIT B:- Griese's pass intended for tight end Alex Smith was intercepted by Terrence Holt and although Holt probably should have scored, he was pushed out of bounds by tackle Kenyatta Walker 51 yards later setting up Detroit first-and-ten at the Tampa Bay 23-yard line.
- Harrington to Mike Williams pass made it first and goal at the Tampa 7-yard line.
- Jones up the middle for no gain.
- Jones off left tackle for 2 yards.
- Harrington incomplete.
- Field goal.

EXHIBIT C: With the game on the line, Harrington engineers a solid two minute drive, getting Detroit from its own 7-yard line to the Tampa Bay 12-yard line. The drive was a mixture of Artose Pinner runs and Harrington throws. During the drive Harrington completes four passes for chain-moving first downs to Mike Williams, Kevin Johnson and Casey FitzSimmons.

After a poor referee reversal nullifies Marcus Pollard's game-winning touchdown catch, two incomplete passes -- including one to Mike Williams who only got one foot inbounds in the end zone -- end the football game.

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