Fantasy Lions: Week 5

Fantasy football with a Lions' twist. Week 5 tips from our fantasy experts.


Kevin Jones

Nick West: Jones found paydirt last week after trucking Bucs safety Jermaine Phillips and running in from eight yards out. The Ravens do have a tough defense, though, and if you have someone better, then start him; I'm talking about the Clinton Portis', Mike Anderson's and Lamont Jordan's of the world. But Jones may be the only score the Lions get all day besides a field goal or two as the passing game has and will be non-existant again.

Adrian Donofrio: He would make for a second starter if you own someone like Priest Holmes who is on a bye this week. Otherwise, don't expect much from KJ, who is trying to get ontrack, but will run into a very tough Ravens D this week. Makes for a decent second starter at R, because he might jam one in at the goalline.


Roy Williams

NW: Until a quarterback actually throws the ball to him, don't start Williams. He may work as a solid number three or four receiver, but that is it. Williams will get the majority of receiver catches because Joey Harrington tends to lock in far too much on the second-year player.

AD: If you are such a homer that you HAVE to start a Detroit player every week, then Roy would probably be the best choice. But going against a Baltimore defense always spells disaster for any offense, including ones that have trouble moving the ball consistently. (Read: Detroit.) He might grab a long one and call it a day, netting you a few points.

Mike Williams

NW: Nope. Even without Charles Rogers in the lineup, don't expect Big Mike to get any more catches or even looks. His quarterback will be too busy throwing five-yard checkdowns to his running backs and tight ends.

AD: Mike is someone I'd keep my eyes on, because he's going to be getting more snaps in the next four games. Everytime he's come into the game he's contributed, and now that he'll be in more it'll be interesting to see just how he reacts to his role. Keep him on your radar so you can pick him up later, but don't start him by any means until you find out more.

Charles Rogers
Oh, wait...
Marcus Pollard:
NW: Bad quarterback = no catches or looks. But then again, Pollard may catch a checkdown or two or six since his quarterback doesn't look down the field.

AD: I don't see why he's any worse than any other tight end out there. Harrington's skill or lackthereof notwithstanding, he loves to go to his tight ends. So I'm sure he'll get some catches and maybe even a TD if Detroit can manage it's way into the endzone. What more do you expect from your tight end that isn't named Gonzalez?

Joey Harrington

NW: Why is he still on your team? He does more harm than good because he turns the ball over and doesn't throw touchdowns. It's this simple: cut him if he is still on your team. Go with Vinny Testaverde if you are desperate enough to still have Harrington on your roster.

AD: Yeah, stay away from Joey. He won't net you anything but a headache. If you need a haircut, start Harrington, because you can save the money from going to a professional by ripping your own hair out.

Detroit Defense

AD: This is actually worth a start this week. The Ravens offense are arguably worse than Detroit's right now. Detroit will shut down Jamal Lewis, forcing Anthony Wright to throw the ball. Detroit's defensive backs are extremely aggressive, and love making plays for balls in the air. I expect two picks from this defense, and nothing more than a singe TD and a few FG's allowed. Definetly worth a shot.

Jason Hanson

AD: Worth a look, especially if all Detroit can do is kick FG's all day. He practiced on Friday, and is probable to handle all kicking duties on Sunday.

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