Infirmary: Lions Win Over Baltimore Costly

ALLEN PARK - When it was all said and done, the Detroit Lions left Ford Field Sunday with a 35-17 win over the Baltimore Ravens.

Immediately thereafter, however, ice baths inevitably followed.

During the smashmouth contest, in which each team exchanged gut-wrenching blows, the Lions might continue to hurt by the loss of some players.

Among those shook up include wide receiver Roy Williams, who missed the final three quarters after suffering a pulled quadriceps. Williams will undergo a medical ultrasound late Monday. If there is tissue damage, Williams could miss next week's contest against Carolina. His current status is uncertain, but he was held out of Monday's practice session.

"We wanted him in the meeting so he could watch the film and then send him off for an ultrasound to see how that quadriceps is doing," said Lions' head coach Steve Mariucci during Monday's press briefing. "It's sore. He has a left quadriceps that is an issue right now. We don't know, just yet, about his availability to practice this week or play.

"We have to address, possibly the receiver situation. We probably will add a practice squad player or two for legs and for practice sake and then we have to determine if we will add another receiver that could be active and be on the 53-man roster."

Veteran defensive back R.W. McQuarters has offered his services as a replacement receiver. McQuarters played receiver on the collegiate level, and Mariucci hasn't ruled out that possibility.

Another notable injury was the one suffered early by return specialist Eddie Drummond. Drummond was upended on a kick return, and took an additional shot as he landed. McQuarters replaced Drummond in the line-up, and may continue with those duties if Drummond's unable to return in the near future.

"He has a bone bruise on his shin and he hyper-extended his knee," Mariucci said. "It's a little swollen. There are no tears, which is good news. We'll just have to see; he'll be questionable. He wouldn't be able to play today or tomorrow, that's for sure."

Mariucci also noted injuries to fellow receivers Scottie Vines (ankle) and Mike Williams (back, hamstring). Each is expected to return for Wednesday's practice.

Defensive end James Hall is expected to return next week after being nagged with a sore groin. Hall was a late scratch for Sunday's game, although reserve Kalimba Edwards played well in relief, collecting one sack.

Long-snapper Don Muhlback (knee) will continue to be listed as week-to-week, and he could return in two to three weeks. The same applies to cornerback Vernon Fox (elbow).

Backup quarterback Jeff Garcia (fibula) will also have an increase in practice reptitions. "(He) will do more this week than he did last week in terms of his movement, his throwing; some of the stuff he will do inside of the rehab room," Mariucci said. "We will step that up a little bit. He won't be available this week, but he is getting closer."

Fullback Cory Schlesinger (fibula) will officially return to practice this week, and his status is expected to be upgraded from doubtful to questionable. Schlesinger has worked out on the Lions underwater treadmill, and his injured leg has made progress.

"You will see him wearing a helmet and all those things that we wear," noted Mariucci. "He will be limited, but it will be nice to have him back on the field for some work."

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