Lions not sold on CB Jammer, talking trade.

Allen Park - With the Carolina Panthers on Friday informing North Carolina defensive end Julius Peppers that he will be their first-round selection, with the second overall choice, and began contract talks with his representatives, all hope for the Lions to draft Peppers faded away.

So now the Lions are on the clock when the draft opens at noon. The Lions and Matt Millen wanted Peppers to some how fall to them , but that is not going to happen. Head Coach Marty Mornhinweg would like the Lions to draft Oregon quarterback Joey Harrington with the 3rd pick overall, but GM Matt Millen is not sold on him. Millen also needs to improve the defense and the next best defensive player is Texas cornerback Quentin Jammer. But just like Harrington, the man running the show, Millen is not sold on him that he is worth the 3rd overall pick in the draft. But Dallas is, and Dallas would like to draft Jammer and knows that if they don't trade up that he won't be there at number six when they pick in the first round.

The trade talk is on, it would be Detroit's first round pick the 3rd pick for the Cowboy's number one pick, the 6th overall and their 2nd round pick as well. With 6th pick the Lions can draft either Harrington, or the second best cornerback Phillip Buchanon, or trade down again. There is a chance that the trade between Detroit and Dallas will go down, but right now it looks like Detroit is on the clock.

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