Lions draft Harrington # 3

Few athletes in Oregon annals have exhibited the charisma of the third-year starter, instilling the belief among those around him of invincibility. Whether it be his willingness to accept the burden of the team's fate on his shoulders or the exuding of confidence he transmits to his teammates, Joey Harrington has developed into something special. He has efficiently orchestrated all the weapons around him over the course of the past two seasons to produce a 25-3 record in games he has started.

Justin VanFulpen overview of Lions first round pick:

Harrington is a winner, and he has the size and arm strength to play in the NFL. He needs to improve on his accuracy to be a top draft pick. Harrington needs to make better decisions with the football, and sometimes throw the ball into coverage when he thinks he can make a play. But Harrington has good poise and resourcefulness on the field. Harrington is a very good leader but needs to be able to read defense's better to become an outstanding quarterback. Harrington is strictly a pocket passer with good setup quickness and mechanics. Harrington has a good feel for passing game and shows good timing on his passes. He has a strong arm with good zip on the deep out and has strength to advance ball down field. He has a quick release and shows ability to lay the deep ball in over coverage. Harrington lacks mobility and doesn't buy that much time in the pocket. Because of that he needs to become better at beating the blitz to make up for lack of mobility. Since Harrington is a pure pocket passer he makes up for his lack of mobility with good instincts, experience and leadership. He shows the ability to move an offense with his passing skills. Harrington has the tools and intangibles to become a solid starter in the NFL; he has the arm and touch to be a very good passer.

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