Dissension in Detroit?

ALLEN PARK - All of a sudden, they are the bickering Detroit Lions.

It's not uncommon for players to exchange words in the heat of battle; even the mild-mannered Lions, who have been a pushover for the rest of the NFL the last four years, have experienced some of that.

But there has been more of than usual and - with the proliferation of sports talk radio and its insatiable appetite for gossip and controversy - not a single exchange has been overlooked.

Most notable have been the words between wide receiver Roy Williams and running back Kevin Jones, but others who have gotten in on the on-field sniping include quarterback Joey Harrington, cornerback Dre' Bly and even tight end Marcus Pollard.

Jones confronted Williams after a play in the Lions' 38-6 loss at Chicago and words were exchanged, and now it seems the incident just won't die.

"It still lingers with me because I'm not the type to yell at somebody," Williams recently told SI.com.

Jones replied that he already had apologized to Williams and considers the incident closed.

"If it's still lingering, he's got to put it behind him and be a man about it," Jones said.

Williams also indicated the receivers have lost confidence in Harrington and that Harrington seems to have lost confidence in them.

Harrington shrugged off the comments and exchanges, however, saying it might be a good thing.

"It shows that people aren't passive about it," Harrington said. "People aren't just accepting being average, people aren't accepting losing. Like I said two weeks ago, we're tired of this. We've worked too hard to come up short.

"So when guys start to - not chip at each other - but it's more of a motivation ... I think there's a definite positive behind it."

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