Schlesinger Among Matchups To Watch

Fullback Schlesinger will likely return to duty; could jumpstart running attack.

Some of the matchups to watch heading into Sunday's matchup between the Lions and Browns ...

Lions FB Cory Schlesinger vs. Browns MLB Andra Davis. The Lions have struggled to get their running game started and it will be a big help to get Schlesinger back (from a broken left leg) as their lead blocker.

Lions WR Mike Williams vs. Browns CBs Chaun Thompson and Daylon McCutcheon. Williams hasn't had a breakout game yet and is playing with hamstring and back injuries, but eventually he needs to assert himself.

Lions RCB Dre' Bly vs. Browns QB Trent Dilfer. Dilfer's forte is taking care of the ball and Bly's forte is getting turnovers. Something's got to give.

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