Exclusive: Drummond Likely A Go

ALLEN PARK - The Lions will get a lift from an unexpected source. Pro Bowl returner Eddie Drummond says it's 80% that he'll go on Sunday and he added that he even expects to play some at the receiver position as well.

Drummond has missed the last four games after suffering a injury in the team's 38-6 loss to the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field in week two.

The former Penn State standout, though, took returns in the special teams portion of practice and Lions head coach Steve Mariucci stopped in mid-sentence at his after practice press briefing to watch Drummond work with the return unit.

"I wanted to watch Eddie do some of these and I'm sure you did too," said Mariucci interrupting himself as Drummond fielded a kick. "He didn't do a lot in practice today, he ran on the side and did a few drillls. He looks like he's running a little better now than he did earlier. He's probably getting loose."

Drummond, for this part, feels his presence on Sunday will give his teammates a lift. ``Anytime I can come out on the field, it kind of gives the team a sense of urgency," said Drummond. ``I'm kind of one of the 'uplifters' of the team as far as emotional and [by my] play."

When asked point blank if he thought he would play Drummond replied,``It's leaning way more towards 'yes'. I'm about 85% right now and if it keeps improving until Friday and I can build up my speed to full speed, then I definitely will play in this game."

Drummond also added he doesn't necessarily have to be at 100% to be effective. ``I can be effective at about 90-95 percent. If I'm about 95 percent and I can make cuts and build up enough speed because I run a 4.3. Right now I have no idea where I'm at, but I can still be effective on Sunday."

The NFC reprensentative as a kick returner says he hopes to also help the team out at the depleted wide receiver position.

``I'll probably play the fourth, fifth receiver role when guys are tired, third downs, things of that nature. I definitely can play receiver and whenever they need me I'm going to go in there and try to do my best."

Drummond added he sort of fell into the return position that he now excels at when trying to make the team as an undrafted free agent.

``Actually special teams have been secondary to receiver for the four years that I've been in this system. I know the system. I know every wide receiver position, so I wouldn't make any mental mistakes. Also my teammates and the coaches know that I can be productive and that I am a decent receiver."

Roy Williams did not practice yesterday and remains firm that he will not go until he feels he's ready despite any criticism he might receive from external sources.

Williams has not played since pulling his quadriceps muscle in his right thigh trying to chase down a interception return in the Lions 35-17 win over the Baltimore Ravens.

``Look at [what happened to] Ray Lewis, I mean, c'mon. Ray Lewis is the heart and soul of that Baltimore defense, loves the game, everybody looks up to him, he goes out there and tries to play with his hurt hamstring and 'bam' he makes it worse. He pulled and he's out for a week, I'd say he's probably out two or three more weeks.

"You've got to be smart with it and you know I'm a very big 'team' guy. I know that the guys are counting on me to get back, but I've got to look out for myself."

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