Lions, Rogers heading for arbitration

NFLPA denies Detroit's grievance

ALLEN PARK - Charles Rogers knows of what he speaks.

Rogers' simple statement "It's going to be tough to get $10", as in millions of dollars proved to be prophetic.

The NFLPA denied the Lions grievance requesting the return of $10.1 million in signing bonus from Rogers. The NFLPA - citing article XI of the collective bargaining agreement - said that a player cannot be disciplined twice for the same offense.

According to the NFLPA, the agreement between the Union and the NFL is binding and cannot be overriden by an individual player contract. The union cited article II which states "The provisions of this agreement supercede any conflicting provisions in the NFL player contract."

The union's contention is that Rogers four-game suspension and fine of four game checks was the punishment and the Lions cannot penalize Rogers again by going for his signing bonus.

The Lions have not commented on the union ruling but the matter will now go to binding arbitration. The action means Rogers will not have to return any funds for now and the arbitrators decision may not come for several months perhaps a year or longer.

Rogers checkbook is safe for now.

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